Saturday, January 4, 2014

Disney on Ice

Today we took the kids- all 3 of them- to see Disney on Ice.  We've never done anything like this; we haven't taken them to a show, the circus, or anything like that.  We're not especially into Disney and they haven't watched many Disney movies, so they're not familiar with the characters.

That said- they loved it!  As soon as the lights went down and the skating started, they were rapt.  All three kids had their mouths hanging open, eyes glued to the ice.  I actually teared up, it was just one of those special moments.  I would never want to see Disney on Ice, and yet I loved every second.
Charlotte even enjoyed it, dancing a little on our laps and clapping for the skaters at the end of the different numbers.  She won't remember it- but she had fun!
Mommy, Charlotte, Kitty Cat
We had great seats, courtesy of a friend of our friends.  We could see everything, even expressions on the skaters' faces.  What a wonderful "first" for us.

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