Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Sunny Saturday

Today was a sunny, spring-like day.  When the weather is good, my mood matches, so I had a very nice day.

We had a birthday party in the morning- all you can eat frozen yogurt, and music for the little ones.  My friend took a candid photo of me with the kids that I am in love with:
I just feel like the luckiest mommy.  Look at those beautiful children!

We came home and were going to rush through lunch and go down for naps, but our neighbors were out, so the kids played in the yard before they ate.
Asher tucked himself in for a good nap, and Daddy and Benjamin went to take my car through the car wash, and then Benjamin fell asleep.  Of course Charlotte isn't a fan of sleeping, she woke up before Benjamin even got home!  She and I went on a little jog (about 3.6 miles), and then to Trader Joe's.  Charlotte was determined to get a container of hazelnut biscotti, she kept putting them in the cart, and at one point even handed them to the cashier!  After putting them back several times, and paying for my (non-biscotti) food, I went to wheel the cart out and noticed them tucked in next to her on the seat.  What a sneak!

We had dinner with our neighbors- delicious food and good company.  They are going to move this June, and we will really miss them.

Today was good.  No big melt-downs, no potty accidents, just our family and friends and some beautiful sunny weather.  Our quiet life suits me just fine!

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