Monday, March 31, 2014

a little ridiculousness

Today we had some moments of ridiculousness.  The morning started out pretty rough- we had to get out by 9 to get to the Monell Center, and I was taking all 3 kids, and Eric was on a phone meeting.  He has a phone meeting at 8:30 every Monday, and every Monday, some kind of shit hits the fan, and I end up looking like an incompetent mother.  One Monday, Asher hit me, and I had to carry him, screaming, up the stairs while I said, "That is completely unacceptable!" and everyone on his conference call heard me.  This morning, Asher and I were fighting over sweat pants and rather than engage, I went upstairs to brush my teeth.  So he sat at the bottom of the stairs and yelled up periodically, "Mommy! Mommy!" to interrupt Eric's meeting.

The kids were so whiny, at one point I told Asher, "Mommy isn't here right now."  He said, "Yes, you are, I see you!"  I said, "No, I'm not mommy, I'm Meema."  He said, "No, you're not.  You have boobs, and Meema doesn't have any boobs." So I told him that I'd have to talk to Meema about getting a better bra.

Then there was the big sweatpant blow-out. The boys are obsessed with wearing sweatpants, and I don't care if they wear them, but today it was a fight over who was going to wear which sweatpants.  Asher had already picked his sweatpants and put them on, and Benjamin rejected a pair that he said was the wrong size (they are all the same size), and I found a pair Benjamin would wear.  Well, Asher decided he wanted that pair.  So, in the process of me dressing Benjamin, Asher took his pants off, demanding Benjamin's pants.  We were already late, and Charlotte wasn't even dressed.  I thought I might lose it.  I told Asher he could either put his pants back on, or I would take him into town with no pants at all.  Since there was a time where I actually put Benjamin in his car seat without pants on (a different sweatpant fight), he knew I meant business and managed to dress himself.  I would have been the worst mommy in the world if I took my kid into the city with no pants on, but I knew he would dress himself again.

We finished our study at the Monell Center.  Charlotte was supposed to taste 4 different juices, but she refused.  She didn't roll on the floor and scream, but she wouldn't taste a single one.  She has such an attitude!

Last night the kids were also a little nuts- it has been tough, Asher had strep Friday into Saturday, and now Benjamin is under the weather.  Add to that the fact that it rained all weekend and various social plans were canceled, and everyone starts to lose it.  Yesterday we went to a party for our neighbors' son (his first birthday).  I got there late because Charlotte was napping and I never really felt like I was having fun.  We have a neighbor who seems to dislike me, I have no idea why, but she wouldn't even say hello to me, so that made me feel kind of self-conscious.  Eric left with Asher, and I was there with Benjamin and Charlotte.  We stayed to see the baby have his birthday cake, which he hated, and then he threw up everywhere.  Benjamin told me today, "When the baby threw up, it kind of ruined the party."  I totally agree.

Yesterday was just one of those washed-out days where everyone's mood was foul.  The big highlight for me was Asher's needing to poop during dinner, and while the rest of us sat at the table and ate, Asher yelled out from the bathroom, "I love you, mommy!"

Today the rain stopped and the sun came out.  We finished our study, Asher and Charlotte had great naps, and I got in a 5 mile run in perfect (well, slightly windy) weather.  I am hoping a good night's sleep restores our good moods, and that the sun is out again tomorrow.

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