Friday, April 11, 2014

4 year well visit + 15 month well visit

Asher/Stevie Wonder at lunch today

Big girl tackling the playground
Benjamin playing with photo booth on my computer
Today we had a combined appointment for all 3 kids.  Being the super-mom that I am, I forgot to write down anyone's height or weight, but here is what I remember.

Asher: 36.8 lbs, 40.25 inches
Benjamin: 34.2 lbs, 39.25 inches
Charlotte: 27 lbs, 31.25 inches

Charlotte is rapidly gaining on her brothers!  Asher was around the 50th percentile for height and weight; Benjamin's weight was much lower (30? I can't remember), and Charlotte's weight is in the 96th percentile, and her height is around the 70th percentile.  She is one very solid munchkin.

Overall, the kids are all in good health, and there were very few concerns.  The doctor said we could try to get speech therapy for Benjamin since he still mispronounces words (or, as he says it, "I say the wrong words"), but he will also be able to get speech once he starts elementary school.  I don't think he has trouble at school, or with friends understanding him, but I'll check in with his teacher.

We did get a referral to PT for Asher, because his torticollis is getting worse.  It had improved for a long time, and I had stopped noticing it, but now I'm noticing it again, and the doctor agreed that it is noticeable and could become problematic as he gets older.  Ugh.  She didn't seem overly concerned about the fact that Asher doesn't eat fruit, even though I am.  She said we could start giving him rewards for trying bites of fruit, but I can guarantee he won't put a piece of fruit in his mouth.  He eats enough dried fruits and veggies that he isn't stopped up, but I don't think it's healthy to exclude an entire food group.

Charlotte checked out just fine in every way.

All 3 kids got shots.  Asher went first, he was quite anxious and the nurse asked that I pin back his arms (he was snuggled in my lap).  He shrieked!  Then he got on Daddy's lap and calmed down quickly.  Benjamin was next, and he didn't make a peep!  I was really surprised.  Charlotte was last, and Asher got upset that he was going to hear her cry.  He had to put his hands over his ears while she got her shots.  She did cry- but stopped quickly.  I think she is just more pissed off that someone is hurting her than she is in actual pain.  I told Asher later that he had been so brave.  He said, "but I cried!"  And I told him that you can be brave and cry at the same time.

Then we were finally on our way.  Everyone was hungry, so we went straight to Panera for lunch.  There wasn't a scrap of food left! I ordered 2 kids meals for the 3 kids, and a lunch for both Eric and me.  I guess we were all starving.  Asher kept going on and on during lunch about how great lunch was, and how special it was that we were all together, and that Daddy was there.  He was laying it on thick!

We had planned to take the kids to the playground, but Charlotte was exhausted, so she and I got dropped home while Eric took the boys to the playground.  I think they had a good day- we ended the day with dinner with Meema and Papa Nick and Aunt Jane and Uncle Ed.  Meema made brownies for dessert for Eric's birthday, and we all enjoyed brownie and ice cream for dessert.  Tomorrow is Eric's birthday, and hopefully beautiful spring weather and a trip to the zoo.

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