Thursday, April 17, 2014

last weekend

I am delayed in posting this- we had a hectic weekend, capped off with 2 nights of Passover seders and then 2 nights of me working.  This is my first lazy night on the couch in a week!

We had beautiful weather over the weekend, which put everyone in a good mood.  Saturday was Eric's birthday, and we had a family morning at the zoo.  The first time we have been to the zoo as a family of 5!  Ever since Charlotte's birth, I have taken the kids to the zoo by myself.

no way to get all 5 of us looking at the camera
Boo at the Zoo
 The weather was beautiful, and we had a great time.  We left right as everything was getting busy, and everyone but Benjamin (and mommy and daddy) took a good nap.

After good naps, we went to get ice cream and water ice at the Rita's near our house.  The boys each got a water ice, and Charlotte and Daddy shared an ice cream cone.  I love this series of pictures:


"What's that in Daddy's hand?"

"Oooh, I want some..."


Playing around

Taking a break from intense water ice consumption
 Saturday night, Eric and I had a date night dinner in the city, which was really nice.  We got home a little early, so we went on a walk around the neighborhood while my parents continued to babysit.

Sunday the weather was even more beautiful.  I took the kids to Smith Playground, and I don't have photos because taking 3 mobile kids to a place like that is very anxiety-producing and requires every bit of attention I have.  I definitely lost the boys every now and then in an effort to keep an eye on my escapee daughter.  Asher insisted on wearing his super-cool sunglasses, which he lost when we got there.  Then I kept losing the kids.  They did have fun, and we met up with my cousin's husband and son for some play time and a picnic.  Unfortunately, people are kind of rude and disgusting and let their dogs poop all over the lawn where kids play and people picnic, so Asher stepped in dog poop, and then Charlotte stepped in poop, too.  Then I was overheated and we got in the car to go home, and sat in traffic the whole way home.  I was so exhausted!

My sister and I went for a jog together- I am supposedly getting ready for the Broad Street Run and wanted to do a long run, but it was 80 degrees and very sunny, so I pooped out.  She scolded me and I think isn't convinced I will be able to finish the 10 mile run, but I'll show her!

Sunday night we had our first dinner outside.  Our neighbors were all gathered, but we had invited my parents and a friend of my sister's to our house.  We stayed out way after dark, talking and eating. It was nice, and the kids were great and in good moods.

The kids are in spring break this week, so we have had some extra play time together.  Our Passover was fun, and the boys loved playing with their big cousins.  Even Charlotte loves being one of the gang!  Now we are looking forward to a weekend with Memere and Pepere and celebrating Easter.

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