Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4 years, 11 months, 13 days

That is how long my body has been used in the service of someone(s) else.  I started my IVF on July 16, 2009, and went from pregnancy to breastfeeding to pregnant to breastfeeding.  And now, it might be mine again.  Charlotte seems to be finished with breastfeeding- she asks to nurse, but then won't really latch on.  Instead she pulls off and says, "Yuck!"  I am fine with us being done- 18 months is plenty of time for both of us.

Last night, instead of nursing, we sat in her chair and read "Goodnight Moon" together.  I think she likes it because of the kittens, so we are constantly flipping back and forth to find more pictures with the kittens.  But she likes it.  Then we had a hug, a kiss, and into bed with her kitty cats.  I thought I would feel sad, but I felt good- that we can replace that special time with something else special, that we'll always have our little moments together.

There are things I'm looking forward to doing if I'm not nursing, like maybe Botox (that's not a joke), and face creams with salicylic acid.  And one day, maybe a breast lift.  All vain and self-centered, and easily put on hold while I focus on more important things.  But with no more nursing and no more pregnancy, my body will be all mine again- hard to imagine.

Here are some pictures of Charlotte from the past week:

"wearing" Mr. Potato Head's glasses

climbing on the table to eat her brother's ice cream

Wearing her new apron

Taking selfies with mommy

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