Monday, July 7, 2014

first weeks of camp and other fun things

at the end of the first day of camp
The boys started their first week of summer camp on Monday, June 23rd.  Last year they were at camp at the JCC; this year they are in a camp at a nearby private school.  This year seems to be going much better!  To start, there were no tears at drop-off the first day, or any day since.  Asher has a very positive attitude ("I can't wait to get to camp and meet all my new friends!") which hasn't allowed Benjamin much time to mope.  Asher says he has made new friends, but he can't remember any of their names.
Asher upside down on our swing
They have swim two times a day at camp, and we are doing one private lesson each week with their assistant teacher from school, Miss Alex.  Asher is going gung ho with the swimming and practices dunking his head and blowing bubbles each time he's in the pool.  He has been wearing a little swim vest that gives him just enough buoyancy to swim on his own, and he now loves swimming all around the "big" pool (the main pool at my aunt and uncle's; not the hot tub which is the "little" pool).  Benjamin has been more cautious, but is now wearing a vest both at home and at camp to allow himself to float without anyone holding on to him.  It is my goal to have them both swimming independently by the end of the summer, but we'll see.
Photo by Asher: Benjamin with construction spoon
Benjamin on the swing
Benjamin double-spooning cake and ice cream
We went to DC the day before camp started for my grandpa Sy's memorial.  All 3 kids got impatient and were monkeying around on the coffee table in the room where the memorial was held.  Fortunately they were still quiet, but it clearly wasn't their thing.  I did like having them meet some of the family they've never met before.

We went to the aquarium, the zoo, and the Please Touch Museum on weekends and weekdays before camp started.  We've seen many friends and socialized at our house, at the pool, and around town.  We seem to be in a good stage right now.  The boys are verbal, somewhat reasonable, and good company.

I love these boys- even at their worst they are sweet and funny.  They wake up early due to the early sunrise and often play together in their room, or take an iPad and watch something until it is time to get up.  The other morning, Asher came in to complain that Benjamin was calling him a "nonsense guy."  A few minutes later, Benjamin came in to complain that Asher said he was "disgusting."  If those are the worst insults my guys know, it is evidence I have really reigned in my former potty mouth!

I certainly had more in mind when I started this post (2 weeks ago), but procrastination and fatigue have left my mind blank.

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