Friday, August 22, 2014

this week

Here is our past week, without flourish or transition.

Asher told me that he loves my kisses and the smell of my breath.

Benjamin said he wanted to go to Trader Joe's so he could pick out some flowers for Meema.

We went to Target, and while flipping through the women's clearance rack, mumbled that a certain shirt wouldn't work because it was "maternity."  Asher said, "What's maternity, Mommy?" and I said, "Clothing for pregnant ladies."  He said, "Well, YOU'RE pregnant, Mommy!" I got very indignant and said, "I am not!" and Benjamin smoothed everything over by saying, "You get smaller everyday, Mommy."

We had gone to Target to "save money" on pull-ups, since the Target brand is cheaper and I had an additional 5% off.  Then I proceeded to spend over $100 on clothing for myself and Charlotte, including a pair of sparkly Hello Kitty ballet flats (for Charlotte) that I decided she absolutely must have.  They're truly hideous, and we both love them.

Charlotte started saying "Yeah!" for yes.  She says, "Bye!" and is doing a lot more nonsensical "talking."

She also started saying, when asked her name, "Mia!"  The boys think this is possibly the funniest joke they have ever heard, so any time we are all in the car together, they spend the entire ride saying, "Charlotte, what's your name?" and when she says "Mia!" they laugh hysterically until they can breathe again, and then start all over.

I ironed for the first time in a year. I ironed my really summery things (white skirt) that I now have 2 weeks left to wear. Then I wore my freshly ironed clothes to work and got nonstop compliments.  I guess my clients were tired of the 3 dresses I was rotating through.

I went for a jog with the boys' former teacher, and when we walked in the door after our jog the boys came to the top of the stairs and told me they'd been putting their laundry away.  I was so proud!

The boys received their new class assignments.  One of the teachers for 4 year-olds (Miss T) is a little bit older and very overweight.  The boys aren't in her class.  I said to the boys' former teacher, "I wonder if the boys are in the other teacher's class because Miss T can't keep up with them." and the boys' former teacher said, "Well... did you hear Miss T had a heart attack last weekend?"  It's probably a good thing my boys aren't in her class.

I got sick AGAIN on Monday. I thought it was strep, but it wasn't.  It did, however, respond to antibiotics.  I feel really out of shape from skipping running every time I get sick.  Luckily, my mom was able to come over and take care of the kids all morning so I could go to urgent care and then sleep for 2 hours.

Asher picky-pants, who won't eat fresh fruit and gags around foods he doesn't like, tried hummus.  And decided he loves it.

We went to the zoo with our friends who have a higher level of membership and get on to all the extras, like a camel ride, a pony ride, the carousel, etc.  Asher said to me, "How did I get so lucky, to get to go on all these rides?!?"

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