Wednesday, August 27, 2014

countdown to the cape

We're leaving for the Cape in just a few days, and the excitement is building!  We made a paper chain to count down our days, and on each link wrote something we are looking forward to.

The boys are looking forward to:
Playing at Great Pond
Walks with Papa Nick to get the newspaper in the morning
Donuts for breakfast
Seeing Aunt Elana
Going to the ocean beach
Learning to fish?
Breakfast on the deck

I am looking forward to:
Ice cream
Going for runs with my sister
Watching my kids play together
Eating my annual lobster
Spending time together as a family without the pressures of work, play dates, etc.
and all of the things the boys listed as well.

Every morning Asher reminds me it is time to take a link off of our paper chain.  It thrills me that he remembers and values our traditions- he is very much my little boy in that way.

This will be a wonderful end to our summer.  Which I can't believe is ending, but that is another post for another day.

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