Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maine 2014

I'm home from Maine. I left my husband and babies up there while I came back early to go to work.  I was there for 4 full days, and we really packed them full!  Friday we went to the beach, Saturday to Portland and the Children's Museum there, Sunday to Story Land in New Hampshire, and Monday to play at Eric's grandparents' camp on a pond.
Kitty, Charlotte, and Mommy

Charlotte's kitties working on their tans. This was before the tide came in and they went swimming.

Super-handsome husband and super-buff Asher

Benjamin is a turkey sandwich walrus

First Shaker Pond ice cream of the visit.  Yum!
Benjamin as a fire man

Shoveling in wild Maine blueberries at lunch

eating every last blueberry
I got up early and went for an 8.5 mile jog with a friend of Eric's from college before we left for Story Land.
A candid of me.  I'm talking. But I love the scenery and that I look fit

End of the jog. 8.5 miles, 9:32/mile

cows having breakfast while we ran

the 6 cousins (and me) at Story Land

Charlotte is a tiger (ROAR!) and I'm Little Sambo

Asher and me riding the flying whales

Twirling Turtles. Charlotte is SCREAMING.

Mommy and Charlotte on the choo-choo train

Taylor drove her cousins in the antique car
Eric took all 3 kids out in a paddle boat on the pond
Unfortunately, I missed many moments. I didn't get a good picture of the kids with their great-grandparents, or even with their grandparents, for that matter!  We forgot our good camera (surprise, surprise).

Fortunately, they are still in Maine having fun.  And Eric's mom is coming back with them, so we will have other moments of beauty and fun.

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