Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

This post is belated because, like the excellent mother that I am, I didn't take any pictures and was waiting on my friend to email me the ones she took.

It was probably the most fun Halloween we've ever had!  All 3 kids were really into it, and loved trick-or-treating, and costumes, and candy.

I posted a few months ago about the trouble I had with some friends and neighbors.  Well, our Halloween was a reminder that we have wonderful friends who value our friendship and whose kids love mine as much as mine love theirs.  We hosted 4 other families for a pre-trick-or-treat dinner, since we live in an excellent trick-or-treat neighborhood (lots of houses close together, lots of families). Around these good friends, I feel like I can be myself, have fun, and just enjoy their company.  I told Eric they are my "real" friends- I never have to worry what they think of me or my kids.  We've seen each other and each other's kids at their worst and we still want to be together.  I felt happy to have them with us, and to watch all of our kids have such a great time together.
The group before we headed out
Asher the giraffe
The group going down the street
the rush for candy
the smaller ones at the back
my two big guys in their super-cute costumes
Charlotte Kitty Cat
Sad kitty cat
I loved that my boys chose to be animals, even when so many of their friends are Batman/Superman/Iron Man or something.  I think animals are the best costumes, and I couldn't have picked better ideas for them myself!  Asher's giraffe costume got a lot of attention because of its long neck, but it started flopping over before long, which bothered him.  And I had to put Charlotte in a fleece, since it was colder than I'd anticipated and had only gotten her a long-sleeve t-shirt.  Oh well, with a face like hers, the rest doesn't even matter!

The kids got what I consider a reasonable amount of candy.  I've been using it as a bribe ever since!  Charlotte loves her candy and is constantly trying to eat something, and then I take it away, and then she cries.  Meanest mommy ever.

On Saturday, Asher told me he was going to go trick-or-treating again that night.  He was very disappointed when I told him no trick-or-treating again until next year!  We tried to find other things to look forward to, and it seems Thanksgiving will be an acceptable substitute for Halloween.

Halloween is hundreds of times better as a mommy than it was from about age 9 on.  I used to dread it or avoid it; now I look forward to it and enjoy it.  It's one of the things I love most about having kids- the chance to see the world anew through their eyes.  It reminds me of the ways in which the things I take for granted or have become bored by are truly amazing and wonderful; that the world is still full of magic.

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