Sunday, March 22, 2015

Benjamin & Asher's 5th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated the boys' birthday with a gymnastics party.  For the first time ever, we had their party before their actual birthday, because the next 2 weekends are their spring break, then Passover... so now seemed like a good time to do it.

We had a big crowd, and it was one of the first drop-off parties our kids and their friends have had.  For some kids, this was hard, because they wanted their parents with them.  But most kids seemed to do really well, playing together and following instructions.  We didn't get any great pictures (what's new, I really need to learn how to use my camera!), and the kids were in constant motion!

The party attendees had 60 minutes in the gym with gymnastics teachers, playing games and jumping.  Then they had 30 minutes in the "fun factory," which is climbing, tunnels, slides, and a ball pit.  Then we did a pizza lunch.

Charlotte looking with love at her best friend, Elliott.
Asher at the head of the pack
Benjamin on the run

Love that face!
Not so much that one...
I have cut back on the amount of work I actually do for parties (no more homemade buffets for 60), I still made each boy a homemade birthday cake.  Asher had a vanilla giraffe, and Benjamin had a chocolate tiger.  While I don't think my neighbor who runs a cake business needs to worry about me putting her out of business, I thought I did just fine.

We got a series of pictures of our family as the boys got ready to blow out their candles:
taking candles out of the cake...
Eric loves my face in this picture- Asher had touched the hot wax on his candle, and then threw it. He is screaming, I am screaming, and the candle is flying through the air.
We are inundated with gifts.  We have barely started opening them, but so far the boys have received some very nice things.  

One of the best parts of the day was when I was helping our party "hostess" set up for lunch and she told me that all the other employees were jealous that SHE had gotten assigned to our party- everyone wanted to work our party because they all know and love the kids.  I was so pleased- it is great to hear that our kids stand out in a place that sees hundreds of kids cycle through their gymnastics program.  And that they're recognized for their good manners and sportsmanship.  That was the big gift to me!

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