Monday, March 9, 2015

Recent humor

Sunday: it was warm but the boys still needed snow gear
The kids have been especially funny lately.  Here are some of the things they've said:

The boys somehow created an idea called "chicken muggets," which is chicken nuggets you eat out of a coffee cup.  I'm not sure that the idea will ever take off, but I love their growing grasp of language.
Charlotte at the zoo: June 2013
Charlotte at the zoo: March 2015
We were at the zoo, visiting the monkey house, which apparently provokes many profound thoughts. The baby monkey was playing with his butt, and I told the boys "that's something people don't do."  To which Asher replied, "Yeah.  But sometimes I play with my penis."

Then Charlotte started yelling, "stinky butt! stinky butt! stinky butt!" at the monkeys.  Great.  Embarrassing.  (She learned that from me, by the way. I called her that when I was changing a horrific diaper.)  My mom and I were kind of giggling and looking the other way, and then Asher yelled, "Jesus!" Which is also something he learned from me.  My mom and I got hysterical; laughing so hard we couldn't stand up, with tears rolling down our cheeks. So, I'm pretty sure I left the zoo with a "Mother of the Year" trophy.  Except that at the exit of the zoo, where they might have awarded it to me, Charlotte fell face-first out of the stroller on to the pavement.

On Friday night we went to a Purim party and were asked to come in costume.  I was saying to Eric that I have nothing to dress up in.  Benjamin said, "Mommy, you have lots of dresses in your closet, you could wear one of those." And Asher said, "Yeah, Mommy! You could go dressed as a LADY!"  I said, "Dressed as a lady?!?! What am I now?" and he said, "A mommy."

Sunday night Eric and I had a very belated Valentine's Day date (thanks to 3 straight weekends of snow storms) and I came downstairs in a dress and heels.  Charlotte jumped up when she saw me, rushed over to hug me and said, "Whoa Mommy! You look beautiful!"  What a charmer!

In ways that I really am doing something right, Benjamin went to the grocery store with me yesterday, and the song "Lips are movin'" came on.  In the song she says, "Tell me, do you think I'm dumb?" and I sang it.  Benjamin said, "What does dumb mean, mommy?"  Hurray for no insults in our house!

Today Charlotte was having trouble settling down for nap.  She asked for her black and white kitty, and she has 3. I handed them all to her and she put the least-loved, nicest-looking one aside and said, "Not this black and white kitty."  I said, "What's wrong with that kitty?"  She picked him up and looked at him, petted him, and said, "His fur... so nice and soft.  His tail... so nice and soft.  Not want this kitty."  The girl knows her own mind, but she is a mystery to me.

Charlotte has enjoyed dressing as a ballerina (or "burinna" as she calls it) for all the Purim festivities. She is adorable in her pink tutu and gets a lot of attention for being so cute.

I've been enjoying them all a lot lately, and appreciating their personalities and abilities. Asher and Charlotte are especially fond of each other.
Asher reading to Charlotte
They have all been so creative, and resourceful.  We went outside again today (two days in a row! Outside! With sunshine!) and the boys were playing in the mud.  My instinct was to say, "Don't play in the mud!" but then I realized- why not?  It's washable.
Benjamin yelling, "pickle!" while Asher digs up our front walk.
While I was getting dinner together, Benjamin and Asher played grocery store.  They took out play food, lined it up on the counter, and pretended to buy it.  Asher counted the items, Benjamin bagged them.  They were playing nicely together, and using their brains.  
At the grocery store
After dinner, Charlotte was quietly coloring in her Hello Kitty coloring book as our friend was leaving.  We said, "Charlotte, say goodbye!" and she looked up with this face:
 and said, "Goodbye!"  I guess someone loves her markers a little too much.

I don't know if it is the change in the weather or what, but I have just been able to enjoy my family over these past few days.  They are fun and funny, and we are having a great time.

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