Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow day

Hopefully our last snow day of the season.  Despite my skepticism, as none of our predicted storms had turned into anything, this one really happened.  I canceled all my clients and stayed home with my 3 monkeys.

We went over to our friends' house, which is fun for the kids because it is full of other people's toys.  They played inside and made some art, and then we went out for fun in the snow.  Fun in the snow is always more fun in pictures, because in real life it is very cold, and I don't have adequate snow gear.

Charlotte thought the snow was deep, and kept asking to hold my hand

Asher in winter scenery

snow angel

In the baby swing, screaming because I wasn't pushing her

Happy because her brother pushed her
The snow wasn't great for snowman building, and we didn't have a sled. The kids played till they were cold, and then we went in for lunch.  Asher was very tired. Here they are eating their pizza:
And here they are after we said, "No dessert if you don't smile!"

We came home (we had walked there, and Eric came and drove us home) and all 3 kids napped for about 3 hours.  All day long I was itching to bake- I wanted to make scones, muffins, Irish soda bread, and/or cake, but ended up making Hamantaschen with the dough I had made a few days ago.  Asher woke up just as I was getting started and helped me.  He was a very patient helper.
Hamantaschen helper
 Charlotte also helped... She was slightly messier, and then helped herself to the dough scraps when we were done.

I have no pictures of Benjamin today, but I promise that he was here.  He was very tired all morning, so he was quiet and subdued.  He's been asking for rewards for everything- I have complimented him on his behavior as he's been a good listener and made good choices all the time, and he asked me what he can get for it.  I told him love and hugs and kisses.  He told me, "That's not something people really want."  I'm so glad he takes all that for granted.  Then he took a good nap today and asked what he could get for a good nap!

After dinner (a delicious and healthy meal that the kids refused to eat), Eric built a fire.  Asher took this picture for me. We had some good snuggles by the fire to end our day together.

It was a good day, but I am not an overly sappy "I love snow days!" kind of person.  I don't love the disruption to our schedules, I don't love that I have to go to work tomorrow, and I don't love the anxiety I get when I think about being stuck in the house with all 3 kids.  So this one snow day was enough for me, and now I am ready for it to melt and spring to arrive.

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