Saturday, October 3, 2015

Benjamin & Asher: 5.5

Last weekend the boys turned 5.5; now they are closer to 6 than to 5. Then we went shopping for a whole new fall wardrobe, because I discovered, as the weather turned cool, that they are way too tall for 75% of the clothing they currently owned.  I keep getting surprised when I see them and register just how big they've gotten!
Tired boys and their half-birthday cakes
posing at Old Navy
 Benjamin at 5.5- He is becoming more mysterious to me.  While he is still easy-going almost all the time, he occasionally shows strong emotion. The transition to kindergarten hasn't been completely easy, and he has burst into tears and said he "just feels sad."  At the same time, he seems to love his new teacher, who does seem very sweet, and he doesn't seem to have trouble going to school in the morning.
Blankie as cape, Angry Birds pajamas, and rain boots. Totally doing his own thing.
He's made some new friends, most of whom appear to be girls (Carolyn, Irene). His teacher said she loves that he's not afraid to do his own thing- which included wearing a purple stick-on mustache to school last Thursday. He's also a big goofball, with dancing and singing whenever he feels like it.
With his purple mustache
Our main struggle with Benjamin is listening- when he gets tired, his ears shut off completely. I find myself yelling at him, "Benjamin... Benjamin... BENJAMIN!" I hate raising my voice but I don't know any other way to get his attention. Other than tuning us out, he is generally a pleasure to be around. He's very perceptive and will often ask questions that I'm surprised he is thinking about.
Benjamin selfie
Asher pimpin' in his faux-fur vest
Asher still likes to be the boss, and be in charge. He likes to be the center of attention, and doesn't always make good choices as he tries to get attention. He's been complaining about going to school, but seems to have a good time when he's there and comes home happy.  We haven't had any reports of bad behavior (not that I expect any!) and his classmates generally seem happy to see him when he shows up in the morning.

Asher is definitely a manipulator- when we went shopping he started acting sad "because he wanted to be with Daddy," which I quickly figured out was a ploy to get a treat. I called him out on it he dropped the act pretty quickly.  I don't like that I suspect my child of anything other good motives- but I don't always trust him!  I just hope that we can teach him that even though he might WANT something, doesn't mean it is ok to do it or get it. Eric lost $10 in the house the other morning, and I'm still not sure that Asher didn't take it, even though he has proclaimed his innocence.

Our biggest problem with Asher is his pickiness around food.  He's still focused on carbs and begins making choking/gagging sounds whenever fruit is in the same room.  I have totally lost my patience for it and always point out that he's not pulling that nonsense when his classmate eats a piece of fruit in class.

He is also still a wonderful snuggler, loving and affectionate. He watches out for Charlotte- and I trust him to do it; to keep an eye on her if I run in the house to use the bathroom.  He's big and strong- he seems to have had a growth spurt over the summer!
Snuggling over the summer
I love that even though my boys are big kindergartners now, they still want me to love them and hug them.  I love their sweet and delicious faces and strong, growing bodies.  I know I say this every time we pass any sort of milestone- but I can't believe how fast time flies and how quickly my loves are growing!

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