Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

This feels like what was possibly the longest Halloween lead-up ever.  We did the Count's Spooktacular at Sesame Place, Boo at the Zoo at the Philadelphia Zoo, two different costume parties at two different friends', and a Halloween party and parade at school- all before the main event.

Here are some photos of them at our various events in their various costumes:
Boo at the Zoo, Saturday, October 24
The panda contemplating the lion
The Banana in a flower with a pumpkin
Daddy with Benjamin on the carousel
Charlotte on the carousel yelling, "Hello, Mommy!"
In a set of 10 pictures, I couldn't find a single one where all 3 kids were smiling
 Costume party at a friend's, October 25:
Benjamin in a panda costume, with a Home Depot worker's costume on top 
Even Queen Elsa likes crafting
A very serious Mr Incredible with his candy trail mix
 And, in non-Halloween news, we got the boys' school photos from kindergarten:
Benjamin. We are debating a retake, with a haircut, and without the batman sweatshirt.
Asher. I'm sorry, is he 5? Or 15?
 School Halloween parade, October 30
Asher was the last person from his class. The 2 girls on the left are in another class
Benjamin whispering sweet nothings to his girlfriend, Lexie.

The parade underway

Mrs. Damico is Benjamin's teacher 
This tired-looking panda later refused to nap.
And finally, the main event- trick or treating with friends on Halloween night!  We had friends over for an early pizza dinner, and then we hit the streets. If it were up to Asher, we could cover A LOT of territory, but Benjamin and Charlotte are less motivated and not as quick.

Posing for Meema
Benjamin begged for face paint and then hated it.

I added some flair to Asher's store-bought costume 

With our friends as we set out
At our first trick-or-treat house
At the end of the evening. Benjamin now looks like a zombie panda.
It is so much fun to go out with kids who enjoy it, no complaints, just fun. They didn't whine about eating all their candy, either!  We got home and Asher kept trying to steal from our candy bowl- I told him if he wants candy he better go out and trick-or-treat for it. So he got his bucket and the 2 of us together hit up 2 more streets, and he raked it in. His pumpkin is now full to the top!  

Goodbye to another Halloween- I like it so much more as a parent than I did in the 2 decades prior!

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