Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sesame Place

We have thoroughly enjoyed our season passes to Sesame Place this year.  We recently went on 2 trips, 4 weeks apart- the first to get in our last day on the water attractions, and the second for their Halloween themed weekend, complete with costumes and trick-or-treat.  Here are some of our photos-
Benjamin is not asleep, merely zen
Summer clothes, fall decor 
The following pictures are at the Count's Splash Castle, which we have mixed feelings about. Benjamin and Charlotte (and mommy) don't like the splashing and spraying, but Asher loves it. And the water slides are pretty fun if you can get past the spraying.

 I texted this picture to my sister:
and said, "Look! Ran into Mom at Sesame Place!" Which got a laugh out of her.

We picked up a useful hint from our friends- go to one of the live shows during lunch time so that no time is wasted. We eat lunch while watching the show.  The kids love the show, and I find myself clapping along and dancing, too. (I am such a dork. Having kids makes me think it is ok to behave like my inner 4 year-old in public.)

Over the course of the summer the boys got increasingly brave, and would ride this tube ride without me, repeatedly.

Charlotte refused to ride it and instead went into the little kid splash pool. I won't post a picture, but her favorite thing to do is to sit on top of a water jet.  Smart girl.

I bribed them with Elmo face-shaped soft pretzels

We almost didn't make it, because we had plans on Sunday to see a friend, but he had to cancel due to illness. So, kind mommy that I am, I packed everyone up and drove them to Sesame Place.  It was COLD- in the 40s or low 50s and I definitely felt very begrudging in my mind.  But the kids had fun.  I only hope that I didn't negate their enjoyment by later getting exhausted and slightly snappish in frustration- but there is only so much Sesame Place I can take.
Asher is a banana, Charlotte is a princess or ballerina, and Benjamin is a panda
I love Asher's little boy profile. In the back is the dried up Count's Splash Castle

Benjamin doesn't like costumed characters and sat this one out on a bench.  
The next day I had to meet with Asher's teacher before school to plan the Halloween party for his class (in a moment of idiocy, I volunteered to be a room parent, hahaha!).  We got our first frost overnight, and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the fallen leaves were.  Despite my best attempts at denial, fall is certainly here.

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