Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date #2

While we were in Maine Eric and I had a date night to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe we got married 4 years ago, it seems so recent!  Our wedding was so beautiful, and I don't think I have ever felt so beautiful myself.  I still look at wedding pictures and remember how great our wedding was.  We had some trouble with the venue and the food they served (they gave us one thing at the tasting and something completely different at the wedding) and my parents had a prolonged disagreement with them, but that is not what stands out to me now.  I remember how excited I was the night before, that I couldn't sleep, that it drizzled in the morning and I was worried it would rain all day.  Eric and I took a walk together along the Cliff Walk in Newport and held hands and talked about what our hopes were for the day-- some quiet time just the two of us before crazy wedding preparations started.  Then the hair, the make-up, and finally, my gorgeous dress.  Oh, I love that dress!  Our flowers were stunning, and the sky cleared and we had sunshine.  There were rabbits everywhere and someone said, "Rabbits are a sign of fertility!" and I joked that I would have to be careful to take my pill (ha, ha, could have saved that money!).

I won't say that the day was perfect, because it wasn't.  But we were surrounded by family and friends, just as we are now.  I think that we have both made an effort to include those we love in our lives, and as I have said before, I am so happy that we have so many people around us who care about us, and who now care about our little ones.

So for Date #2 since our boys were born, we went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and had dinner at a place called Brazo.  We had a very friendly waiter and some excellent food.  I started off with a mojito, my first since getting pregnant!  It was delicious, but I drank it realllly slowly while eating so that I wouldn't get drunk.  We shared tapas and a fish taco to start, then I had an organic salmon with tomato and corn salsa, and Eric had Brazilian pulled pork and black beans.  He ate maybe half his entree and I ate ALL of mine.  After dinner, I felt full for maybe the 2nd time since the babies were born.  I swear, breastfeeding makes me a bottomless pit!

As of the last time I weighed myself, I am only up 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Maybe half of that is in my boobs!  I still don't have the same totally flat stomach I had before, but I am hoping to go back to the gym soon so that I can start toning my muscles up.  They have a babysitting room at the gym, so I can leave the babies there while I exercise.  I kind of dislike some aspects of exercising, but I always feel better after a workout, so I am looking forward to that.

I still have a lot more to say about our trip to Maine and all the family we saw there.  There was a constant stream of visitors while we were there!  For now, though, the babies are both asleep and I need to take care of myself (take a shower) while I can.

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