Monday, April 4, 2011

12 month well visit

This morning the boys had their 12 month well visit at their new pediatrician.  I definitely like their new doctor better than their old doctor; he spent about 45 minutes with us, checking them out, and asking detailed questions about their development.

Asher weighed in at 20 pounds and 10 ounces, was 30 1/4 inches tall, and has a small head (I can't remember the actual circumference, but it was in the 3-10th percentile).  Benjamin weighed 20 pounds and 9 ounces, and was 28 inches tall.  He has a big head (75th percentile).  The nurse actually measured Benjamin first and commented that he would be so smart because of his big head... she made no comments about Asher's potential lack of intelligence from his tiny head, though!

The doctor said that they both look great.  They are both walking, so he did not have any concerns about their gross motor development, and said that the seem very social and friendly.  I liked hearing that, since I am social, and have tried to socialize them with other babies, and by taking them out all the time.  So I guess it worked!  It is nice to be relieved of mommy concerns for a day-- it kind of reminds me of when I was pregnant and the day of an appointment, after being reassured that everything looked perfect, I would feel relief for about a day before anxiety would set in again.

The boys did get shots for chicken pox and polio, and I'm not sure who has a more difficult time with it-- them or me!  I swear to you that I can feel my heart breaking when they cry.  But of course they recovered quickly and were back to tearing apart the exam room within minutes.

We had a pretty good day otherwise, but did have a funny incident.  I went to the grocery store with the boys to buy some Passover supplies.  Usually my mom does this, but she's in Paris right now, and I was worried that they would be sold out of the things we like by the time she got home.  Eric and I don't keep kosher in the least, but I do try to keep Passover (or a version of it, I eat peanut butter because I honestly don't see how a peanut resembles bread).  I was wandering the edges of the store before going down the Kosher aisle, and stopped at the meats to see what was on sale.  I saw some chicken, and then a huge pork shoulder on sale.  I thought, Eric loves pulled pork, perfect! and picked up a pork shoulder.  Then I went down the Kosher aisle, and ran into an old friend of my mom's... and stood in the kosher aisle chatting with a gigantic piece of pork in my cart.  Oh, I am so embarrassed!  Hopefully the boys were so adorable that they distracted her, and she didn't notice.  It's not so much that people would know I eat pork, because that is not a big deal, but more that I would take a huge piece of pig down the Kosher aisle... thoughtless!

After dinner tonight we took the boys on a walk to the park, and Eric took some cute photos of them playing which he has since lost, so tonight's post has to be photo-less.  We'll have to go back to the park for a redo sometime soon!

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