Monday, April 11, 2011

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

The boys in their wagon yesterday, which was not as beautiful
Today we had some beautiful weather.  I wanted to do a million things outside, but naps got in the way.  Why, when the weather is lousy and we're stuck inside, does it seem like naps go poorly?  And when it is beautiful and we can do so much outside do they sleep so well?

Fortunately, both guys woke up by 4 and we went on a jog/walk with our neighbors, Amy and Paden.  We then stopped at the park to play on the swings, but really, it is very difficult to take two energetic boys who like to eat wood chips to the park by myself, so our time there was short.  But on our way out, we ran into other neighbors and friends, who walked us home.  On our street, we talked to even more neighbors, who were happy to see our boys and how big they've grown.  And our next-door neighbors, with whom we share a wall, gave us some spicy Thai salad for dinner.  It is days like today that I love living in the suburbs, in a neighborhood.  I love all the families nearby, and feeling like people are keeping an eye out for us and our boys.
The boys having fun at the park

Yesterday was my birthday, and I enjoyed having my family around.  We went to the park yesterday, too, and the boys played all over everything, which led to very good naps in the afternoon. We didn't do anything big yesterday to celebrate, but did go to a very nice dinner out on Saturday night.  After all that food on Saturday, we decided to take it easy on Sunday, and after Passover we're going to celebrate with pasta and cake.  Birthdays are so different as a parent of young children; even though it was my birthday, my focus was completely on them.

In other celebratory news, today is the 7th anniversary of my first date with Eric.  I sure hope he isn't regretting his decision to ask me out on a second date... Who could have imagined, all those years ago, that we would end up here?  I know I am still surprised that I am the mother of twin boys!
We collapsed the exersaucer to put it away-- all of a sudden, it's their favorite toy!

And, for even more celebrating-- tomorrow is Eric's birthday!  I have to work until late, but hopefully we will celebrate after I'm home.  Birthday season is in full swing here, and even I am getting tired of birthday cake!

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