Saturday, April 2, 2011

the simple things

Today was a wonderful day.  We had nothing planned, and we didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but the ordinariness was part of what was wonderful.

The boys woke up early, and I played with them while Eric tried to sleep in.  I made us coffee and challah french toast, and we all had breakfast together (coffee was just for Eric and me, of course!).  I put blueberry compote on the boys' French toast and they were both purple at the end of the meal!  We played a little more, and then they went down for their naps.
Benjamin and his blueberry goatee

While they napped I made a red velvet cake for my friend's birthday party, which is tomorrow, and when the boys woke up, we all went out for a family jog.  Oh, I should mention that I got an early birthday gift last week-- a double jog stroller!  I haven't been keeping up with my jogging, and jogging while pushing about 40 pounds (or more) of baby is even more difficult!  So I was not impressed with my level of physical fitness, but we had a good time exercising together.  Even Eric liked it, and he usually hates jogging with me!
Asher practicing his gymnastics under the table

We came home for lunch, and then it was afternoon nap time.  Nap time wasn't a huge success, but after naps they were in pretty good moods.  I talked Eric into going shopping with the babies and me, but as soon as he agreed, i decided I didn't want to go!  We were having too much fun at home, and the boys were having a great time chasing each other around the house.

I told Eric he had to hang out with us-- he loves his work and will work any day, anytime if he's allowed-- and so he stayed on the 1st floor for longer than I think he has in weeks!  His time on the 1st floor motivated him to clean and organize, and so he went on a rampage around the 1st floor, putting things away, throwing out old shopping lists and things that I had left lying around.

At 5:15, my dad came over and took the boys for a walk while Eric and I made dinner.  My dad took them to the play ground, and they had a good time on the swings.  In the 45 minutes my dad was gone, we managed to cook a meal, and Eric finished cleaning and vacuuming the first floor.  We had dinner with my dad, and the boys ate all the same food that the adults did-- chicken with an apricot-mustard glaze, risotto with lemon and peas, and string beans.  Asher has started pointing at his sippy when he wants it, and they are doing well drinking their milk.

We tried taking a shower instead of a bath tonight, which Benjamin hated, but Asher tolerated.  I loved holding them in my arms, though.  I nursed Asher first, and Eric read Benjamin "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" in the nursery.  Both boys went down without a peep, and Eric and I watched a movie together in a quiet, clean house.

It is days like these that make me feel so thankful for the life we have.  As I type about our day, I can see that to others, it might not seem like anything special.  But to me, it is the kind of day I want to remember forever, the kind of day that passes too quickly.  Our time together as a family is wonderful, there is so much love and so much laughter; I hope our lives are filled with it forever.

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