Tuesday, May 31, 2011

too busy to take pictures

We had a very busy holiday weekend.  In general, Eric doesn't like when I overbook his weekends, but he made it through this one without a complaint!

Ever since Eric completed the new table for our deck, we have been inviting friends over and entertaining almost daily.  Friday night we hosted my parents, my cousin's husband, and a family friend for dinner outside.

Saturday afternoon we were invited to a friend's condo complex to swim in the pool.  Last year the pool was not a big hit with either of the boys, but I figured that since they love their baths so much, they would love the pool this year.  Not so much.  Both boys yanked their feet up from the water as if they were being burned, and Benjamin cried.  I managed to get Asher in, and standing up, since it was a baby pool.  He looked so proud of himself, standing there and smiling, and then next thing I knew, he had toppled over and was face-down in the water!  I was right next to him so I pulled him out immediately, and he cried right away, but it really gave me a small panic attack.  We did go back in, with him on my lap, and he was able to enjoy himself a little, but Benjamin never really got in.

Saturday night we had another family friend (and my parents, again!) for a dinner of ribs and corn bread on our deck.  Then on Sunday I went out to brunch with my girl friends, then went with a friend who is expecting to check out baby equipment at Babies r Us.  After the boys got up from their naps we went to another family friend's pool and attempted swimming again!  While I was at Babies r Us, I had picked up little floats for the boys to ride in, in the hopes that we won't have any more face-first incidents.  Again, I managed to get Asher in, although he did protest a fair amount.  Benjamin wouldn't even put a toe in, and instead ran laps around the pool.

Sunday night we hosted a barbecue to celebrate my good friend's engagement.  We hosted my friend, her fiance, and another couple who are mutual friends.  It was a really lovely evening, except for the part where Eric broke 3 champagne glasses on the deck!  We celebrated my friend and her fiance, and also the anticipation of our mutual friends' adoption.  Eric and I let our friends borrow our baby swing, which I was sad to see go, thinking of how many times my little boys had been rocked in it, and just how big they are now.

On Monday morning we had brunch with yet another family friend, and met their brand-new baby boy.  He was so tiny and sleepy!  Benjamin was so cute with the baby- when my mom held the baby and patted him on the back, Benjamin reached up and patted the baby, too.  He seemed fascinated by the baby, and you could tell he didn't really see the baby as another small human being.  The boys ran circles around the big yard, and then we went home for naps.  The boys napped a long time, I think all the running tired them out!  It makes me wish we had more space, when we are home we simply run laps around the dining room table, and it gets old fast.

Monday afternoon Eric blew up the inflatable wading pool I had picked up at Babies r Us.  We then had another friend and her two little girls over for the inaugural swim.  Yet again I managed to get Asher in, but no luck with Benjamin!  I am hoping he warms up to the idea of swimming soon, because I love the water and want to enjoy splashing and playing with my little guys.

Today it was back to work, which was not so fun.  It seemed like my clients were slow to realize that today was Tuesday, not Monday, and I had a lot of cancellations and got to leave work early- in time to come home and chase my boys around the dining room table before bed.

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