Monday, May 2, 2011

What an oversight!

On their 13 month birthday, in their red wagon
I realized that I didn't make a dedicated post to the boys' 13 month birthday!  That was almost a week ago, and I still can't believe that my little ones are 13 months.  They are certainly turning into little boys, they're not so much babies anymore.
A seriously adorable Benjamin

They are both full-on walkers now.  They walk everywhere, and even run (especially if they're being chased).  This has certainly led to all kinds of new fun and excitement for them both.  One morning, Asher jumped up mid-diaper change with his striped pajamas flapping off him like a cape, picked up two maracas, and paraded around the downstairs naked.  Benjamin, who appears to have a propensity for physical humor and slapstick, was in hysterics.  In general, Asher acts like a goofball, and Benjamin laughs hysterically.
The goofball after he climbed into the toy chest
Asher is a little bit of a beast, and in the past couple of days I have noticed him tackling Benjamin if Benjamin has something Asher wants.  Benjamin seems very good-natured about it and just moves on to another toy (which is of course what Asher wants, too, as soon as Benjamin is interested in it).

I have definitely noticed the boys, Asher especially, developing a little bit of addy-tood (that's the way you say attitude in Philly!)-- Asher loves racing away with something as you ask for it back, and he always turns his head the other way when you try to wipe his nose or his face after meals.  Asher also wants what he wants when he wants it, and can be a bit of a drama king if he doesn't get his way.  A few times I have put him down after holding him and he has crumpled into tears on the floor, and then banged his forehead on the floor for emphasis.  The head-banging really gets to me, but I am trying to manage his breakdowns by verbally soothing him, because I am just not able to pick him up at every moment.

Benjamin is very easy-going during the day, or his waking hours, and then becomes completely stubborn at nap times or bed times, as I previously mentioned.  He has also started biting me when he nurses, which I am not sure how to handle.  It's very painful, but I am not ready to wean, and don't feel right weaning Benjamin but continuing to nurse Asher.
Feeding themselves yogurt... 2 seconds later and I had 2 bowls of yogurt on the floor

I worry a little because they don't have any words yet.  They babble, and can say "dada" and "mama," but not directed at Eric or myself.  Their babbling has certainly gotten more enthusiastic, and they also imitate each other.  It is so much fun to listen to them imitate each other while they talk nonsense.  Tonight at dinner they reached across the space between their chairs, held hands, and said "Ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhh..." It is impossible to describe how much they fill me with happiness at moments like that.
The Bear on a tear with tissue paper from a gift

We have been busy with play dates, parties, and time at the park.  The babies in our play group are all turning one, so over the next few months we will have many first birthdays to attend!  With the weather so nice, we try to make time to go for walks or jogs or to the park.  On Saturday I jogged (with the jog stroller and the guys) to our nearest shopping area and the boys accompanied me from store to store.  In general they were very well behaved, but by the end of the trip they lost it-- too much being strapped down in the stroller!
Tonight's game of "wave the pajama"

On Sunday we had professional pictures taken at a nearby college.  We have only seen about 15 of them as a preview, but they turned out wonderfully, and I am very excited to see the rest.  Once we get them, I will post some here.  I am so glad we did it, because the boys are so adorable right now, and I know I will love having these memories.

Our days are exciting, and it is clear that both of our guys enjoy exploring and learning.  They are so busy at the park and at home, playing and climbing, and running.  I love how full of personality they are, and while I am completely exhausted at the end of the day, I can't imagine our lives any other way.


  1. What cuties! They must keep you so very busy! I saw some of the previews on FB, what great photos.

  2. I love hearing about how they're growing, and I'm so glad to be coming to see them (and you guys, too)! I remember one of mine biting me - I was coached to pull them in tighter when they did it - it blocks their nose for a moment and they'll let go, and it also scares them so they don't do it again. Erica would do the drama thing sometimes - ignoring it as much as possible was the best thing I found for dealing with it - no fun without an audience. The pics you posted (both here and FB) are adorable - the photographer seems to have captured their personalities as well as their beautiful faces!