Monday, June 20, 2011

all better!

The boys' ailments seemed to clear up for the weekend.  We went to the park:
Hi. I have been taking my cute pills regularly.
And a pool party:
Asher took to the water like a fish. Benjamin screamed.
For Father's Day, I took the guys to our favorite coffee place and we had breakfast with Grandpa Nick while Eric was supposed to sleep in.  This was a treat for both of the fathers in my life!  Later I ran errands, in the morning with Benjamin and in the afternoon with Asher.

The boys learned a new trick:
Look mommy! We're tall!
Which quickly turned into Asher climbing on, and then standing on, the kitchen table.  Oh dear.

Tonight they had corn on the cob for dinner.  When Benjamin was done eating, he used his cob to call Meema, who has been away in Colorado.
"Hello, Meema? How are things out West?"
"This thing gets terrible reception! I want an iphone!"
There is never a dull moment with these boys, that is for sure!

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