Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can you believe...

Can you believe these 2 big boys wouldn't even put their toes in the water last summer?  Now look at my little water babies!

Last night Eric took the boys for dinner with my parents at my aunt and uncle's pool while I drove to Maryland to meet up with other mommies from a message board (I know, a mass internet date! I was nervous to meet everyone in person, but reminded myself that I met my husband on the internet, and that worked out pretty well).  I had a good time at my dinner, and the boys (and Eric) had a wonderful time in the pool!  Apparently there was splashing and screeching and general silliness.
Asher Bear and his curly hair

Today we went to Alex's Original Lemonade Stand-- we live in the same neighborhood as her family and so are near the big Lemonade Stand party they have every summer.  They have tons of "free" food (just make a donation), so we went and had a snack.  The boys had their first taste of "wooder eyes," which is Philadelphian for water ice.
Asher and his water ice
Benjamin holding that other famous Philly food- soft pretzel!
"OOH! That's cold!"
Tonight we had ribs and corn on the cob for dinner.  The boys ate the rib meat off the bone and loved it! Then they ate their corn off the cob.  Asher is serious about his corn on the cob, and generously helped Benjamin finish his corn.
Benjamin licking the bones clean
Asher and his rib
Then they had blueberries, tons of them, until I decided enough was enough.  For dessert they each had some cake, which they liked, and Benjamin used bits of to style his hair.  I really love watching them enjoy their food.  I noticed they chew with their mouths closed, which is nice, since I have a lot of other table manners I will need to teach them over the years!

I sometimes feel like we only take pictures of them eating, and part of that is that they try so many new foods, and we like to capture those moments, and the other part is that they are only still when we strap them down!  I swear we do things other than eat, but I guess it is pretty obvious that we love eating and love our food.

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