Friday, June 17, 2011

sick baby week

This week we had sick babies.  First it was Benjamin, with a low fever.  I thought he was teething, because there was a lot of drool, and he was constantly chewing on his hands.  He wasn't sleeping well-- worse than he usually does, which is saying something!  On Tuesday night he just screamed whenever we put him in bed, really hysterical and heartbreaking screams.  I ended up taking him for a car ride, hoping that would get him to sleep, but even that didn't work.  We gave him Motrin, but that didn't seem to make a difference, either.  He wouldn't nurse, but eventually took a bottle of milk and calmed down to sleep.  I did so wish he could talk enough to tell me what was wrong!

Wednesday he seemed better, and then Wednesday night I got home from work just as the guys were getting bathed and going to bed.  Asher fell apart, just crying and crying, which he never does.  He went to sleep, but then woke up around 3 in hysterics, with a fever.  We gave him Motrin, too, but it took him a while to settle down.

I went to work on Thursday and heard that Asher was kind of cranky, and napping a lot.  I got home around 4 and he woke up to my voice.  I went up to him and he was burning up!  He had a temperature of about 102, and I called the pediatrician's office.  Of course they told me to come in.  He had no other symptoms, other than lethargy, loss of appetite, and his fever.  The nurse practitioner we saw sent us home with infant Advil (I had sent Eric to the store to get ibuprofen, told him NOT Tylenol, and he came home with Tylenol. He said the pain medication choices were too overwhelming so he grabbed something and ran) and to call if it got worse.

This morning both boys seemed fine.  They ate breakfast, played, Asher napped and Benjamin rolled around his crib, we went to play group.  Asher had no fever, had regained his appetite, and was back in his good humors.  They ate a big healthy lunch, and then Benjamin went down for his nap.  Asher was nursing and then pulled off, looked around... and threw up all over me!  It really was a lot of undigested food, poor baby.  He seemed fine before, and fine after.  I called Eric to help me clean up, and Eric hates vomit more than I do, so I was worried he would lose his lunch on top of it!

Fortunately, after his afternoon nap, Asher seemed fine.  We took a trip to the grocery store and he was being completely adorable, calling everyone in the store "Da-eee," playing with me by giving me kisses when I would lean toward him and say, "Will you give me a smooch?"  It was really nice to have time with him where my attention was completely on him, and I took my time at the store so we could enjoy each others' company.

Despite the illness, we have enjoyed nice, long walks in the beautiful weather.  Eric and I are eating a lot of vegetables, since we keep getting green things from our CSA.  I do look for different ways to use them, but we've had a lot of salads.

This weekend we have a pool party, and then it's Fathers' Day.  Our only plan for Fathers Day at this point is that I am going to make big pieces of red meat on the grill for Eric and my dad, and Eric wants key lime pie for dessert.  Easy enough!

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