Saturday, January 28, 2012

22 months (and 2 days)

Asher on his 22nd month birthday.  Squinting at the flash.

Benjamin on his 22nd month birthday. Glaring at the flash.
My boys are rapidly approaching their 2nd birthday!

They have each said 2-word phrases (Benjamin said "hi, daddy!" and Asher said, "more cracker"), but it is not yet occurring regularly.  When we're not around other children their age, I forget how far behind they are.  They manage to communicate pretty well, but then we see their friends who are their age or younger who have more words, speak in sentences...  I know one day they will be talking nonstop and I will miss this period of relative quiet, but for now it worries me.

Benjamin has started to try dressing himself.  On Thursday he wouldn't let me dress him, and he wanted to put his pants on.  He got the hang of it, but then tried to button his jeans over his thighs, which didn't work.  When I left for work, he had his jeans on his head.

Benjamin loves books, and he carries them around all the time.  Tonight he wanted "But Not the Hippopotamus!" which basically consists of opening the book to the second-to-last page so that Benjamin can say "Hey! Hey! Hey!" where the book reads "Hey! Come join the lot of us!" and then Benjamin setting the book on the floor, standing up, and pumping his fists in the air when the book says, "But yes! The hippopotamus!"

Asher has turned into a bossy boy.  He likes to make his own trouble, but if he sees Benjamin doing something he's not supposed to, Asher will go up to Benjamin and say "No! No! No!"  The other night Eric stood on their toy bench to fix our doorbell and Asher rushed right up to him to tell him "Down!"  We're trying to let Asher know that mommy and daddy will take care of telling Benjamin when not to do things, but... he is still bossy.

The "sleep training" got us nowhere.  Asher kept waking up at 5:50 or before (and is still doing that), and Benjamin stopped waking up at 7 or later and is now also waking up at 5:50 or so.  Benjamin got up earlier and earlier to play with Meema and Grandpa at their house.  Now we are all up by 6 in the pitch black, and mommy and daddy are zombies.  On Thursday when Benjamin and I came in from my parents' house (at 7:30 a.m.), Asher was asleep in his big round chair and Eric was asleep on the couch.  No one is getting enough rest here!

Speaking of which... it is time for bed!  Tomorrow is Eric's morning to get up with the boys and hopefully I will get a little rest before our week starts all over again.


  1. You're parents... you will never get enough rest again... sad but true! :)

  2. I feel your pain on the sleep issue. I feel like we've turned a corner for the better recently, but I have no idea how it happened. Hang in there.