Saturday, January 7, 2012

the bedtime saga continues...

Benjamin made the adjustment to his toddler bed quite well.  His second night in it he got up and ran around the room for a while, and jumped in Asher's bed, but in general it has been a quick and easy transition.

We had trouble with sleeping while we were in Maine for Christmas, and Asher's problems continued at home.  He would not stay in bed at bedtime, and was getting out of bed, lying on the floor, and kicking at the door with both legs while crying hysterically every night.  Then he would fall asleep on the floor in front of the door because he was exhausted, and then wake up a couple of hours because he was asleep on the cold, hard floor.  Then when we went in to put him into his bed, he would start the hysteria all over again.

This was not really a happy situation for any of us.  Benjamin would get fed up, pick up his blanket, and meet us at the door to go sleep in the pack n play in the next room.  Eric and I were ready to tear our hair out.

Then I went to work and didn't come home until after the boys were asleep.  Eric reported that they both went down without a peep.  Interesting.  So the next night, Eric and my mom put the boys down.  Not a peep.  Ok, let's try that again... Friday night I helped bathe them, get them in their pj's and gave them kisses while Eric read stories and then left the room quietly.  Not a peep.

We seem to have found the solution to our problem.  Asher just doesn't want to be without mommy.  It is very flattering, but also difficult.  I want to tuck my boys in at night, and give them kisses.  I am sure I will again, but in the meantime, this seems to be working.

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