Sunday, January 8, 2012

January/spring 2012

What amazing weather we've been having!  We've been taking advantage of it by going for walks and trying to do as much as we can outside.

Yesterday we took an impromptu visit to the zoo.  We got there at 3:30 and they close at 4... but they never kicked us out so we stayed til 4:30!

We raced to the children's zoo so the boys could pet the animals and get out of the stroller.  Here is a picture of Asher walking away from me:
My first thought when I saw it was, "that's no baby, that's a boy!"  He looks so big, and his build is so boy-ish, not toddler-chubby at all.

I also got a picture of Asher on the tractor.  Here he was, on this big tractor, and he had the whole thing to himself.  There were ducks on one side of him and goats and sheep on the other.  And what is he interested in?
The plane flying overhead.  Just like they cared more about the train that runs by the zoo than the animals in it.

I had a hard time getting a good picture of Benjamin because he was moving the whole time, but he spent a long time looking at the ducks.
We also managed to see the otters, which the boys usually love, but this time one came right up to the glass by Asher and Asher got scared, so he wouldn't stay anywhere near them.

On our way out Benjamin wouldn't walk, wouldn't be carried, and wouldn't get in the stroller.  He ended up lying on the pavement just looking at us.  We looked right back at him!  Finally he got up and we managed to make it back to the van.  A whirlwind zoo visit in beautiful weather.

After the zoo we met my parents for dinner at an Asian food court.  We ordered Korean food, and Asher loved eating bulgogi as long as I was feeding it to him with chop sticks.  When the boys got tired of high chairs and food, they rode the escalators up and down and up and down with my parents.

Today was a much less busy day.  In the afternoon the boys and I went with my parents to our favorite coffee shop while Eric stayed home to work on the headboard he is making for our bed (I will post a picture when it's done, it was a big beautiful surprise for me!).  Before we even got our coffee at the coffee place, Benjamin fell off a bench, bumped his head, and screamed.  I had to take him outside because it was so loud!

We came back in, got our coffees, and I was just walking back toward my mom and Asher when Asher started coughing.  The cough was familiar- it was his "I'm choking on something and about to throw up!" cough.  I told my mom he was going to be sick, and as I said it, he threw up.  I rushed off to get paper towels and he threw up some more, all over the floor, right by Benjamin's feet.  Benjamin was so upset (Asher wasn't) that he started to cry again.  So, throw up on the floor, crying baby...  not good.  We got some rags to clean up the mess, and I was getting paper towels to wipe off Asher and my mom said, "I think I'm going to throw up!" from cleaning up Asher's throw up.  I tried to do it instead, but Benjamin was so hysterical that my mom decided she would rather clean up throw up than deal with him.  It was a very stressful few minutes!

The rest of the day was uneventful.  Our dishwasher is broken, so we ordered pizza for dinner and had a quiet evening.  No one threw up, and nothing else broke.  That's a good end to a day!

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