Saturday, February 25, 2012

Benjamin in the kitchen

The past two days, Benjamin has woken up from nap before Asher, and I've been in the kitchen, baking.  Yesterday I made Nigella Lawson's chocolate Guinness cake, but with Diesel beer from Sixpoint (my friend works there and gave us some to sample) instead.  Benjamin came just in time to help lick the spatula.
He approved!  We had planned to have dinner with Meema and Grandpa, but Grandpa Nick was a little late getting Meema from the airport, so the boys had to go to bed, and missed out on cake.  At least Benjamin got some batter!

Today I wanted to make homemade fig newtons and Benjamin woke up.  He gets upset when I'm in the kitchen, which is understandable, because I should be paying attention to him anyway.  I decided it was time for him to learn to cook!  He came in and helped dump ingredients in the bowl, and then helped me stir it with the whisk.  It was all wonderful until I took the whisk away, which led to major hysterics on the dining room floor.
Measuring ingredients
He was an excellent helper.  I really look forward to when the boys can help me in the kitchen and we can cook and bake together.  For the most part, the boys seem to enjoy the products of my baking.  They're a little picky about food sometimes- something they love one week they won't eat the next.  I guess that's normal for toddlers, though.  But, one thing they consistently like-- cookies!

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