Monday, February 6, 2012

long weekend

And I don't mean "long weekend getaway for fun in the sun" or something.

Both boys got sick.  First it was Benjamin, with a cough, then a little bit of runny nose, but nothing too terrible.  Then it was Asher, who started coughing too, and then, by Thursday night, had a fever.  On Friday he was sick and dragging all day.  He wouldn't get out of his pajamas, and he didn't want to eat.  His fever went up to 103 on Friday night.  The fever came down with Advil, but then we ran out of Advil. And lazy, dumb parents that we are, we decided that we wouldn't go to the pharmacy at night and would just give him Tylenol instead.  Haha.  Tylenol did nothing for him, so by the middle of the night, he was burning up and miserable.  Which made mommy and daddy miserable, too- Asher wanted to sleep in bed with us, on top of me, and would wake up and cry intermittently.  Oh my goodness, it was the worst night of sleep we've had since they were maybe 3 weeks old.

The rest of the weekend kind of went on like that, with Asher not napping and not sleeping well.  Benjamin was much better, but I still felt like we were a bunch of lepers and I canceled all of our social plans, and we stayed inside like hermits.

Sunday afternoon we did go out for a little.  I think we were all going stir-crazy and I thought some fresh air might be good for the guys.  I could tell Asher was feeling a little better, but he didn't have his usual vim and vigor.

Here we are Sunday evening ready for the Superbowl:
notice Benjamin has his favorite book
Eric went to watch the game with some neighbors while I stayed home.  It was a very depressing end to the game for Patriots' fans, and that's all I'll say.

I don't think that Asher's 100% yet.  His appetite is low, he is very whiny and has been having a lot of tantrums.  Here he is this morning:
You can see he does not have his normal happy face.  Tonight was kind of trying- partly because I am tired, and partly because they are not at their best.  I thought, "tomorrow will be a good day to go to work!" It's days like that that I am glad to work part-time-- I have had more than enough time with my little angels this weekend.  And after 3 days of work, I know I will be happy to have another long weekend with them!

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