Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day trip to Brooklyn and Manhattan

Today the boys took their first trip to Brooklyn.  Grandpa Nick and I went for the day because Aunt Elana wanted to see them, but not come all the way to Philadelphia where it is boring and she doesn't know anyone (other than us).  So we compromised on New York City, which is an easy drive for us and a place where we both have a lot of friends.  Daddy stayed home to work in peace and undisturbed quiet.

We met Elana at a little restaurant in Brooklyn called Bocca Lupo, which was the perfect choice (thank you to our friend Jamie for the recommendation!).  It had a lot of other children in it, and they were clearly accustomed to feeding families- they took our order for the boys as we sat down so that the boys could have food right away, gave the boys little cocktail glasses with straws for their water, and gave us a bench by the window to sit on, which the boys loved.
at the bar, waiting for our table
my attempt at more artistic photography
The food was good, the service was very friendly and prompt, and boys were excellent company.  The place had big windows, and was at a corner. The boys loved watching all the cars and trucks drive by as we sat.  Then, as we were leaving, a delivery truck pulled up and Benjamin ran up to the door of it and yelled, "Hi! Hi! Hi!"  The driver came out of the back of the truck and when I told him how much the boys love trucks, he let them come on the truck to check it out.

Benjamin trying out his new job
Asher driving the truck
They were elated!  They loved it, and they giggled hysterically.  Their happiness wore off on the driver, too, and as we were getting off the truck they both shouted "Bye! Buh-Bye!" and waved, and he said that they made his day.

We were going to head straight to the transit museum, but Elana wanted to take them down to the water to see if there were any ships.  We never made it to the water, but had to stop at a playground.  If we ever try to walk past a playground without stopping, the boys go totally crazy in the stroller.  They kick and try to bust out of their seats.  Since we'd been in the car for a couple of hours and then they had sat quietly at lunch, I figured they need to get some exercise.

They ran around like wildmen, with huge grins.  They enjoyed the attention they were getting from Grandpa Nick and Aunt Elana, too.
"Are you talking to me?"
Bear loves slides
Happy family
In love with that snaggle-tooth grin
good climber
Excited running
Then we walked to the transit museum.  The boys loved the busy city streets and all the buses and taxis.  We also passed a pet adoption van with windows where you could look at all the pets.  There were adorable kitties inside so we oohed and ahhed.  And softy Aunt Elana made a generous donation.  I saw a couple leaving with a cat in a box, and the woman jumped up and down a little and gave her boyfriend a big kiss as they were leaving- it was sweet to see them so happy to have a pet, and I am sure their kitty will have a good home.

We were really pushing our luck by the time we got to the museum.  We almost left and just rode the subway around town but decided it would be safter to go to the museum.  We waited on line for a while, then explored the old trains they have.
Asher and Grandpa Nick on the train
Grandpa Nick and Benjamin
Nearing the end of his rope- lying on the floor in protest
Driving the bus
Our other bus driver
After that last picture, we left.  When I tried to get Asher out of the bus so that other boys could play, he threw a fit.  He held on to the steering wheel with both hands and cried, and then threw a tantrum in the doorway of the bus, with everyone watching.  I just picked him up and carried him out, and that was it, we left.  Well, it wasn't that easy... we put the boys in their stroller in order to get them out quickly, but there was no elevator.  So Elana and I carried the stroller up the stairs- my dad was getting the car to pick us up- that was about 30 lbs of baby plus stroller that we took up from subway-level.  Oy.  The boys loved that part and giggled all the way up.

I bought them M&Ms as a treat, and we got in the car and I fed them M&Ms as we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge and into Manhattan.

The final stop on our trip was at my friend Amanda's new apartment.  She and her boyfriend just moved into a big, lovely building in Chelsea.  She was out picking up snacks for us when we got there, so the boys just ran around the lobby and hallways.  They were definitely tired, but they were still in good moods.

At Amanda's we saw Amanda, her sister Abby, Amanda's boyfriend Brad, and our family friend Ellen.
Drinks and snacks
Monkeys on the bed
more monkeys
Monkeys having fun
We left around 5 o'clock, and we were all exhausted.  Asher fell asleep before we even got to the Holland Tunnel.  Here they are on the way home, shortly after leaving.
It really was a wonderful day, and it made me so happy to see my boys having such a great time, and bringing smiles to so many people.  I think we'll be going back again before long, now that we know how much fun they have.  And I hope they sleep well tonight, because I need the rest!

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