Sunday, April 29, 2012

about the boys

Friday night- they wanted their own yarmulkes

I want to say there is not much new here.  I am long overdue in posting about their 2 year well-visit, but I lost the sheet with their heights and weights!  Here is what I remember:
Benjamin: 28 lbs, 8 oz; 34 inches tall
Asher: 28 lbs, 4 oz; 35 inches tall
I think their weights are incorrect, because I think Asher weighs more than Benjamin, but who knows.

We start gymnastics on Tuesday, and I am really excited.  The boys seem to be natural monkeys.  They love to throw the cushions off the couch and play in them.  Asher likes to throw himself off the couch on to them.  As a birthday gift they got a small trampoline, and Asher will just go nuts jumping on it.  I think they will really take to gymnastics.
Benjamin loves to wear shoes.  Two different shoes.  On the wrong feet.

Both boys have such personalities!  Benjamin has been throwing more fits lately, and Asher's been whining more.  Asher has a new "Nooooo" and a new "ohhhhh" that are very whiny, and make it sound like I am offering him a nap on a bed of burning coals rather than a slice of apple.  Benjamin's fits are to either look around and find something to throw, or run to the nearest wall/door, lie on the floor in front of it, and kick it with both legs.

They are napping much better than they were a month ago.  A month ago I thought maybe we were done for- but now they are back on track and napping 2-3 hours every afternoon.  This makes such a huge difference in my life and productivity!  I love them, but I also love when I have a few moments of quiet.
Asher and his friend Trouble.  Trouble tolerates his affections. Barely.

Asher is still waking up at ungodly hours.  I think I have just reset my own clock, for the most part.  I am in bed around 10 each night, and then I am ready for a 5:30 or 6 o'clock wake-up.  Some mornings I go downstairs with him and fall asleep for a little on the couch, but other mornings I am awake and attempt to be productive.  On weekends, Eric and I take turns letting each other "sleep in" (7:30 or 8, ha!).  It has made some things easier- when people ask if I am available for an appointment at 7:45 of 8, I can say yes!

They still don't have huge vocabularies, but they are vocalizing more.  Asher has started speech therapy, and she pointed out a number of strengths- sounds they have, that they initiate talking, that they comprehend so much.  It is reassuring to hear that, but still difficult to have them lagging behind so many of their friends.

Speaking of friends, they definitely seem to be getting more attached to their play mates.  And each other. They are very interactive in playing with each other-- they play peek-a-boo, chase, and imitate all kinds of physical behaviors.  We are at the point where I feel like it is easier to have 2 than 1, especially when I look at all of our friends who are expecting their 2nd.  At this stage, the boys can play and entertain each other and are much less dependent on me.  I know that with friends, their little ones get jealous when their parents show attention to another child.

Asher is such a goofball.  Tonight my mom had a cold and was blowing her nose, so Asher started blowing raspberries to imitate her.  Then he was overjoyed when we offered him a Kleenex so that he could pretend to blow his nose with that.  He definitely likes to get us all laughing with his antics.

Benjamin is very independent.  If he is up and Asher is still asleep, he is happy to play with his toys (particularly anything that is a truck or a car) and ignore me completely.  He will also sit awake in his pack n play at nap time and look at books until he is ready to go to sleep.  Asher requires a little more attention and maintenance.

That is what is happening here.  I will try to take pictures of our first gymnastics class, but they might discourage it, so we'll see.

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