Wednesday, August 7, 2013

flying by

Charlotte in the city on one of our adventures

It feels like everything is just flying by.  Summer, which I eagerly anticipate during the dreary winter months; and Charlotte's infancy, which will be my last as a parent.

We've been enjoying and making the most of everything.  Whenever the weather is good, we make sure to be outside.  We visit playgrounds and swimming pools.  I get bitten up by mosquitos every day! We don't have a lot of money right now- this is a huge source of stress for me- so we make the most of the things to which we have free access.  I have loved the weekends where the calendar is empty going into Friday night, and it slowly fills up with last-minute dinners with friends or swim dates at the pool.  The boys are more independent, and when we have dinner or get-togethers with friends, they quickly go off with the other children and play, and it allows Eric and me to socialize with our friends.

I am enjoying watching the boys jump in the pool and splash around after many summers of trepidation or outright hatred of the water.

I (mostly) love being able to talk to my boys- to feel like I am getting to know them as people, laughing at their perceptions, listening to them imagine and dream, and remembering what it felt like to believe that anything was possible.

And Charlotte is growing so quickly.  I love having a baby, and I love being a mommy.  She has been so easy, I feel as though I could have 10 more if they would all be like her.  She is an accomplished crawler, and pulls to stand on everything.  She always wants to be part of the action, and follows her brothers all over the house.

This summer has been a lot of fun so far.  We've been to friends' houses, into the city to visit a "pop up park" by the Art Museum, to the playground where we had their birthday party, the zoo, numerous trips to numerous pools, around to every playground in the area, and of course to Memere and Pepere's in Maine. I can't believe it's August already! We still have our trip to Cape Cod to look forward to, and many fun outings and parties this month.  I try to be "in the moment" and enjoy our days (which I genuinely do), but I do feel a twinge of sadness at how quickly the days of beautiful weather and evenings playing outside after dinner pass.
Asher and Benjamin lifeguarding at the "beach" in the city
Eric took the boys for hair cuts today, which I really dislike.  I love their hair long and shaggy, but it was getting in their eyes and Benjamin was always pushing it away and getting annoyed.  I took this picture of Asher this morning so I would have a momento of his beautiful curls:

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