Tuesday, August 13, 2013

trip to Boston

Charlotte and I went up to Boston with Meema for a night to see our friend Cass and celebrate at her baby shower.  I know I am a crazy mom lady now, because in looking at my photos from the weekend, all I have are pictures of Charlotte and nothing else.  Not even Cass, the woman of honor!

The weekend was mixed- the driving was terrible, and we were stuck in traffic both going and coming. And I never knew Meema had such a potty mouth!  But once we were wherever we needed to go, we had a good time.
Happy after an omelet at brunch

The shower was at a nice restaurant on the water.  It was ladies lunching, and gift-opening, and Charlotte crawled around on the floor.  We had a very strange encounter when Charlotte crawled out of our private room into the hall, and an older man got down on his hands and knees and crawled towards her, growling.  She is so friendly, and kept smiling at him until he got close, at which point she burst into tears.  The guy, who must have been intoxicated, felt bad and came back to us a minute later and handed me money!  I gave it back to him, but he pushed it back at me, and said he was sorry.  I said, "don't give a baby money, that's crazy!"  But he left it with us, so I gave it to Cass for her baby!  It was very weird.  I told Cass only she would have something like that happen at her shower!
Helping open gifts

We left the shower and drove to Brookline with a detour through downtown Boston.  In Brookline we met up with my cousin Noa and her son, Yishai.  Yishai and Charlotte seemed happy to meet each other, and I was so happy to see my cousin- she lives in Prague so I don't get to see her often.  Our visit was short, but good.  Yishai had special Israeli snacks, which he shared generously.  It was adorable- he even tried to feed Charlotte.  I think she really liked him.
At the park in Brookline
Then back to Quincy, for bed time for Charlotte and dinner with our friends.  After dinner we took a short walk on the beach- their house is 1 in from the water.  On Sunday we were up early (thanks to Meema tossing and turning and Charlotte being an early riser), so we got ourselves going and rushed back into Boston to meet my cousin Jess.  We had coffee and breakfast at Flour bakery.  It was a perfect and beautiful morning- what a shame to get back in the car!
Charlotte outside Flour
Yesterday Asher was sick in the morning- I think he drank too much water too quickly- so I took Benjamin and Charlotte to the Please Touch Museum.  It was Charlotte's first time "touching" at the museum.  I can't wait for her to be walking- kind of.  Oh, the chaos that will come with 3 mobile babies.
On Friday, Charlotte and I went to the Monell Center for our study.  She was weighed and measured- 21 lbs, 2.5 oz and 27.5".  Such a big girl! When I was 1 year old, I weighed 21 lbs, and she's not even 8 months.  On Friday I weighed only 3 more pounds than when I got pregnant, so I guess I have pretty much lost all my baby weight.  This is good news all around.

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