Tuesday, December 22, 2009

22w5d: here come the holidays

Today we were supposed to be arriving at my in-laws' house in Maine. I am Jewish, as is the rest of my family, and my parents leave town the week of Christmas every year, so Christmas with my family is pretty meaningless. When Eric and I married, we decided that we would spend every Thanksgiving with my family, since that is our biggest holiday, and every Christmas with his family.

I always look forward to Christmas with my in-laws. We get to see family we see only once a year, we eat a lot (and I love to eat), and my in-laws' house is always so welcoming. My mother-in-law decorates for the holiday, and there are all kinds of treats and candy all over the house. My sister-in-law comes over with my nieces, who are adorable and sweet, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and I sit around and snack and girl-talk endlessly. We watch movies by the fireplace. My in-laws spoil me rotten with gifts. I am someone who loves tradition, and have quickly fallen into their traditions.

Instead, my mother-in-law is cooking without me, and I am sitting home alone. It doesn't feel like much of a holiday, although we are trying. Once we knew we were staying for the holiday, we got a Christmas tree. Originally, we had decided to not have a tree-- we have a Jewish home, and my interpretation of that is that a Jewish home doesn't get a Christmas tree. But, Eric isn't Jewish, and with all that's going on, i thought it would be nice to have something cheery. He went with my sister and picked out a beautiful tree. My mother-in-law shipped our gifts, so soon we should have colorful gifts under the tree. And my sister is coming to town, so soon we will have family with us. I want to have a big breakfast Christmas morning, and we will have leg of lamb Christmas night. I also want my sister to bake lots of things so that we can have some desserts... but not so many that I eat like crazy and put on too much weight!

I am so sad not to be seeing my nieces. We won't see them until July (and then only if the babies are in good health and we can travel), and that will be an entire year between visits. Kids grow so quickly, I am sure they will have changed a great deal between our visits. They are so sweet and adorable. I hope they like the gifts I got for them!

Eric's grandparents sent me a fruit basket today. It is filled with all kinds of fruits, some cookies and crackers, and cheese. I love fruit, so this is perfect for me! I can't wait to eat it.

In any case, it is easy to forget a holiday is coming. I wouldn't say I am bored or restless at this point. I watch lots of TV, including constant Law & Order reruns. The highlight of my day is from 11 to 1, when the old 90210 reruns come on SoapNet. I loved that show back in the day, and it is so fun to watch it over again. Thanks to my lousy memory, I don't remember most of what happened so it's like new again!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring our boxes of gifts, and tomorrow night, my sister. We have a full house as it is-- my parents' two cats are staying with us. They are incredibly affectionate and make bedrest more fun, as I have an almost constant furry companion. This post comes with a picture of their cat, Ian, after he climbed the Christmas tree.

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