Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day (23w1d)

Here is our one, and only ever, Christmas tree. We're trying to observe some of Eric's family traditions since he can't be with his family. It certainly has been nice to look at while I'm marooned on the couch! The gifts below it are things Eric's family sent FedEx from Maine so that we would have something to open on Christmas morning. We took our time opening gifts, since once I am downstairs I don't go back up for a long time, so I had to shower and dress and then put in my medication, which entails lying down for an hour... We finally got to gifts at about 10, which is probably the latest Eric has ever gone.

We got some lovely and thoughtful gifts. I got some maternity loungewear, which is perfect for the mom-to-be on bedrest, and some kitchen tools that I have been wanting for a long, long time (cookie scoops in the 3 different sizes!). Eric got some nice, warm clothes, which he is excited to have since we keep our house at a moderate 66 degrees.

We also got some pajamas for Babies A and B-- their first Christmas gifts. My mom had given them some adorable onesies for Hannukah last week, so these are going to be some well-dressed cuties. Here is Eric holding up one of the baby pajamas:

We then had a Christmas breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and coffee. We have a nice Christmas dinner planned tonight, my sister and Eric are going to make a roasted leg of lamb, risotto, roasted vegetables, and, because it is Friday night, a challah! And let's not forget that we are having an orange-scented chocolate cake for dessert. I am hoping all this food fattens up the babies! They have their growth scan on Wednesday and the fatter they are, the better their prospects at life if they make an early appearance.

Here is my belly this morning at 23 weeks, 1 day:

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