Monday, September 13, 2010

Breastfeeding (again)

Breastfeeding has been on my mind again, as I am nearing my original goal of six months.  Things have gotten so much easier with breastfeeding, and now our end date has been pushed back-- I'm hoping to go to 12 months!

There are so many things I love about breastfeeding now.  I love that I can go out with my boys and not worry about bottles, and how much milk, and whether it will all stay cold enough...  And I don't have to think about formula, either.  I also love that I have been able to eat whatever I want and still lose the baby weight.  It was a great summer, eating ice cream everyday.

It has also been wonderful to have those moments with my babies.  At night, Eric brings them into bed with us and I nurse them there and we both fall asleep.  They do the cutest things, like swing their top leg up on to my waist, and wrap their fingers around my shirt or bra.  And they make the cutest happy noises while they nurse.  It is just such a peaceful time for me, and for them.  I can see how people end up breastfeeding forever, although I do think our limit is one year.

I am looking forward to getting my body back to myself, to getting to be away from my babies for more than 3 hours without needing to pump, to being able to talk about my babies when I am away from them without my milk letting down.  Oh, and wearing non-nursing bras that are actually both supportive AND flattering.

And, because no post is complete without pictures, here is one of Benjamin in a cute outfit his memere got him:
 Here is a video of Asher working on his crawling skills:
And here is why I am going to put the bumpers on the boys' cribs:

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  1. I told you that by 6 months you would have it down and the thought of giving it up would seem silly... it just gets easier from here :)

    Good luck!