Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So much fun!

The boys are at a stage right now where they are so much fun.  They are both smiling and laughing, and playing with toys... and finally starting to notice each other!  They are also so easy-going, especially if they are napping well, and so we can do so much more together (as long as it does not interfere with naps!).

Today they had a nice afternoon nap, and after their nap we had play time on the floor.  Here is Benjamin, who has learned to sit up on his own, watching Ina Garten roast red peppers.  He LOVES the color red, so he is so happy to watch all the big close-ups of those bright red peppers.
Then the boys were playing with toys, and there was a fight over the red ones!  Here is a picture of Benjamin stealing the red plastic plane from Asher, who was not pleased:
We were all laughing at them, and laughing with them.  When I hear their giggles, I laugh, too, because it is so adorable.

And I look at these babies, and I think that they just get sweeter everyday.  As Eric noticed, they are not getting less cute with time!  They are so beautiful that I cannot believe they came from me, and that I am so lucky to have these angels as my babies.

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