Friday, September 24, 2010

my loves

I just wanted to post some pictures.  There is not too much new here, other than that we have read some Ferber and are trying to get some more sleep.  I HATE HATE HATE listening to the babies cry, but so far, only Benjamin has cried, and he has always settled down within 15 minutes.  But yesterday I went out and left the boys with a family friend, and they never went down for a long afternoon nap... so yesterday evening was a fiasco!  Asher had his first temper tantrum; he lay face down in a stuffed animal and kicked his legs on the floor!  There was no clear cause for the tantrum, but it broke my heart to see it.  So, we have to force nap times a little more, even if they are with a sitter.

But here is what the boys have been up to:
Benjamin wants to stand up all the time:
Here he is standing while supporting himself with the play mat.  I could not believe it!  He can't pull himself up from sitting, but will continue to stand if we pull him up.  And half the time we try to sit him down, he straightens his legs so that he won't sit and he has to stand.

And here is Asher eating the back pages of my Glamour magazine.  He ate the "Dos and Don'ts" before I got a chance to read them, so if I am a fashion don't, now we all know why!  He puts everything in his mouth, but he seems to not really enjoy actual food.
This week we tried feeding Asher squash and peas-- the peas were a definite no-go.  If I can figure out ow to post video, I will put up some video of him hating them.  Benjamin loves everything, he is definitely his mommy's son!

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