Sunday, October 24, 2010

A few pictures

I just wanted to post a few pictures of my boys and the fun we are having:

The boys really enjoy yogurt.  I love Benjamin's yogurt mustache in this picture, and Asher is down to one sock... He removed his other sock, and I can't even remember what happened to his clothes!

Here Benjamin is helping my dad install a new DVD player.  Very helpful!
Here is Asher, who crawled into the exersaucer and then got a little stuck...

We have had some trouble getting the guys down for their afternoon naps the past couple of days.  Today we separated them, and Asher would not settle down.  I went into the guest room to find him in the pack n play, with no pants on, on his back, chatting away and grinning at me!  What a cute monkey!  We ended up sticking him in the swing where he slept for over two hours, until Benjamin walked up to the swing in the walker and reached out to stop the swing.  Benjamin was laughing, and Asher's puzzled expression was pretty funny.

Here Benjamin crawled into my down throw and wrapped himself up.  He is absolutely the cutest bug in a rug I have ever seen.
Tonight Eric and I made ourselves a delicious dinner, and enjoyed some quiet time just the two of us.  At the end of nights like that, I sometimes forget I have babies!

I cannot help but feel that I am double-lucky to have these babies.  The pregnancy was scary, and the first few months were so hard, but to now see two beautiful, perfect babies... what a blessing.


  1. They're both starting to look like they have daddy's beautiful red hair! It's amazing to watch how quickly they're growing and changing -- I remember going in to pick up one of my babies in the morning and thinking how different they looked from the night before! Enjoy every moment - even the not so fun ones...