Monday, October 4, 2010

Another trip to Boston

Cambridge, Massachusetts is the #1 road trip destination for these babies!  On Thursday we drove up to Cambridge.  I was a bridesmaid in our friend Cass's wedding, and her rehearsal was Thursday with the wedding Friday. 

The boys were wonderful in the car on the way up.  We left when it was time for their morning nap to start, and so they took good naps the first half of the ride, and then I sat in back with them and played with them, and fed them, and then they napped some more (and so did I!).  When we got to Cambridge we were all eager to get out of the car and stretch our legs, so we took the boys to the play ground next to my grandparents' apartment building.  We put the boys in the swing together, and they were so cute.  Asher loved it!
And Benjamin wasn't sure how he felt:
But they got lots of comments on how cute they were.

We walked into Harvard Square and got coffees.  As a child, I always walked with my parents into the Square, and we always got ice cream at Herrell's.  Herrell's is closed now, which made me very sad! So we are creating new traditions, like hot chocolate at Burdick's, but it's not quite the same.  So many of our old favorite places have closed and there are so many new places that it is almost like a different Square.  Do I sound old and crotchety yet?  But it is still a beautiful walk, past all the gorgeous old homes, and I hope the boys will be able to love Cambridge the way I always have.

On to the wedding.  Cass had planned for the ceremony to be in the Boston Public Gardens; unfortunately, the weather had other plans.  The rain held off until almost 3 on Friday, but then there were downpours.  The ceremony was moved indoors, to the Prudential Center, where the reception was already planned to take place.  It was still beautiful, but as someone who had their wedding ceremony outside, I know how disappointing it is to have the plan changed at the last minute.

We had a wonderful time!  As my mom said, I cleaned up nicely!  I styled my hair, put on make up, wore my bridesmaid dress and heels, and definitely did not feel like, or look like, a mommy of twin babies.  Eric brought the babies to the ceremony, and we got a quick picture of us as a family, which I am eager to see.  I will post photos from the wedding as soon as Cass passes them on-- Eric brought the camera and took zero photos!  We hired a sitter to stay with the boys at the hotel room for the rest of the night so that we could enjoy ourselves.

I brought my pump and pumped mid-wedding so I could continue to fit into my dress.  After having a cocktail, I had to throw the milk down the drain, but it was worth it to let loose and dance with Eric and my sister.  We had a wonderful time, and I think it was good for Eric and me to do some of the things we used to do, and remind ourselves that although we are parents now, we are still people who enjoy each others' company and a good time. 

We were completely exhausted the next day (up til midnight + sharing a hotel room with 2 babies = very tired!) and drove home, and went to bed at 9 pm.  We have had some trouble getting the boys back on schedule, but I am trying, since we are all so much happier when they nap.  We don't have any more trips planned until Christmas time, when we will go up to my in-laws for the holiday, so our lives should be pretty quiet for a while.

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