Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seven months old today!

Today I was at work, so I didn't get any cute 7 month pictures, but hopefully tomorrow.  We also don't have a scale, so I can't weigh them, but tomorrow I will go use the scale at my mom's house to get an estimate.  I can definitely tell that their growth is slowing down-- they fit into a lot of the same clothes, and we haven't had to go up a diaper size in a while (they're in Size 3 right now).

Right now Asher is working on perfecting his crawling.  He's able to get wherever he needs to go, but isn't particularly coordinated about it.  He is just now starting to get that he can move his arms and legs in a coordinated fashion for more efficient travel.  But he might skip crawling now that he's gotten involved in pulling up!  He tries to pull up on everything, and he lacks some judgment-- pulling up on the exersaucer (wobbly), a baby chair (tips over), and his car seat, which he fell out of and hit his head on the stairs (I was not here, this was an oversight on my dad's part!).  But he is amazingly strong, and he won't sit still.  His legs are full of muscle, and I feel like I never got to have a chubby, sedentary baby.

Benjamin is working on transitioning from his hands and knees to sitting.  He keeps working on it, and has done it about twice, but is not yet consistent.  He is also practicing his crawling, but is more imitating Asher's fish-out-of-water flop and not really crawling.  But he is also pretty good at getting where he wants to go!  He is just adorable, and gets comments everywhere we go.  Yesterday he came grocery shopping with me while Asher napped, and I wore him in the Moby wrap.  He put his hands on my forearms and everyone commented that he was helping me shop.  He was so quiet and patient the whole trip, a perfect angel!

We introduced the sippy cup, which Asher seemed excited about.  He's not so good at actually drinking from it, but he loves waving it around and slamming it into the floor. 

We've made backwards progress with sleep.  After things really improving, and the boys waking up at most once a night to eat, we were headed back into twice a night territory.  Twice a night at seven months!  I don't think so.  So, we are trying to lay down the law and not feed them at night.  Last night they cried a little around 12:30, then woke again around 3, when we fed them, and then slept again til 6:30.  I prefer when they sleep til 7:30, but let's not push our luck.

Eric and I had trouble falling asleep after 6:30 because he got a text from our neighbor, Tom, that his wife is in labor!  We are so excited and are still waiting for the big news, but happy birthday to their baby!

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  1. Keep in mind that they are growing and may need to eat more now even though you think they should be sleeping. If you don;t think this is the case, when they wake up to eat, give them a little water from the sippy and let that be that... that worked really well with Nate.