Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Today was Benjamin and Asher's first Halloween.  I really had no idea how exciting it was going to be putting them in little costumes, so I didn't really think hard about what they would be, or where I would get costumes.  Back in September I saw these little Carter's costumes at Costco, and I bought them, because when you have to buy two of everything, cost is a factor!  Fortunately, the costumes fit perfectly and the boys were completely adorable.  We put them in their costumes yesterday for a Halloween party at a playgroup friend's house, and I was so excited that I decided they would wear their costumes all day today.  And they did!

In the morning, we took them to my parents' coffee group at Starbucks, where they were passed around and generally admired.  Asher loved having his sippy cup, and kept it in his mouth almost the whole time.  It is strange for me to see my baby doing a big kid thing like that, but it was time.

Then we decided to go to Ikea.  Eric and I have been discussing some changes to our bedroom, since neither one of us is particularly happy with our room the way it is now.  So we picked out a new wardrobe, and soon Eric will get to demolish the closet that was built into our bedroom.  The boys were in their costumes in the stroller:
Everyone was commenting on how cute, and other parents said, "oh, I should have put my child in his/her costume!"

Another big reason Eric goes to Ikea-- their meatballs.  So our trip involved a necessary stop for lunch, and with each adult meal you get a free jar of baby food (I had never noticed the baby food there before, but it's there!  I notice all kinds of new things now that I have children of my own).  Each boy got a jar of bananas, and now I think they are ready to make the Ikea cafeteria a regular stop of their own!  Asher LOVED, LOVED, LOVED his bananas!  How fitting for a monkey!
He was so eager for each spoonful that he would open his mouth and sing "Laaaaaaaa."  It was very funny, and I thought adorable.  Here are the boys in their high chairs, looking like little men and not the babies I gave birth to a few months ago:
On the way out, I gave them tastes of my frozen yogurt.  Asher also loved that, and I am beginning to think that he has inherited the Landes family sweet tooth.
He was sticking out his tongue and trying to lick it off his chin, he liked it so much.

Then we came home and tried to get them napping-- no luck.  So instead we had a photo shoot, which resulted in many adorable photos (see the top of this post).
Benjamin the tiger:
Asher the monkey:
I loved seeing them in their costumes and had a great day with them.  Tonight we had friends over, which turned out to be a good idea, because between feeding, bathing, and putting two babies to bed, and cooking dinner... we needed someone to open the door for trick-or-treaters! 

It really was a happy first Halloween for us, and I am looking forward to next year when Benjamin and Asher will understand what's going on.

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