Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1 out of 7

helping Daddy vacuum
Earlier this week, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies published their 2009 statistics.  I eagerly looked up the fertility clinic where I did my IVF, and looked at the results.  You can narrow by diagnosis, which I did (my diagnosis is ovulatory dysfunction), and then looked at my age (<35).  After narrowing to that point, I looked at live births that resulted from twin pregnancies: 2 out of 7.  1 of those 2 pregnancies was mine.  We are 1 out of 7.  We are so lucky.

Sometimes I still get envious of people who have conceived naturally, and even people who needed fertility treatment but didn't need IVF.  But things like this remind me how truly lucky we are.  We were so lucky to conceive with our first IVF, and so fortunate to have made it through a high-risk twin pregnancy with two healthy babies.

I am having such a mix of feelings as we approach their first birthdays.  I will write more about them in another post, for tonight I need to try to sleep, which I haven't been so successful at doing lately!

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