Saturday, March 26, 2011

Benjamin and Asher are 1!

Today we celebrated Benjamin and Asher's first birthday!  We celebrated with a birthday party at my parents' house with tons of food and dessert.

Of course no party or big day would be complete without mishaps, like bad naps for the babies in the morning before the party, butter exploded all over the microwave, cupcakes dumped on the counter and re-frosted...

But here are a few photos from the day:
The boys waiting for their birthday cake
Asher trying frosting (he actually didn't even eat the cupcake at all)
Benjamin trying his cupcake (he liked it)
The cakes-- a bear for Asher and a rabbit for Benjamin
Our family today
Our family 1 year ago today
A serious Asher Bear modeling his Bear Birthday shirt
A tired Benjamin snuggling a very lucky mommy
Tired family, content mommy
Overall, it was definitely a wonderful but exhausting day!  I decided we're still celebrating their birthday tomorrow.  I'm not sure what we'll do, but it will be something special for them!  They got so many new toys and games, too, and I am looking forward to hearing less of that damn Fisher Price woman's voice around here.  Birthdays are fun, and I am so glad we celebrated our angels with so many friends and family, and so much love and joy.

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