Friday, March 11, 2011

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There is no major, breaking news, but since I use this blog as a little bit of a baby book, I want to make note of some of the things the boys are doing these days.

Beside the fact that they are taking steps for everyone but mommy, they are pointing at everything.  The cutest is when they point with both hands!  At the landing on our stairs we have a small rug my sister got us in Peru with colorful llamas on it.  Every night when we go up the stairs to start the bedtime routine, Asher points and laughs at the llamas.

Yesterday I told Eric that I am concerned that Benjamin is not really babbling (which he isn't).  He makes noises in different pitches, and is very good at expressing himself that way, but he is not babbling.  Then this morning, first thing, he started with, "Dadadadada."  He will do it in response to me looking at him and saying it first, too.  Benjamin also does "kisses;" if you make a kissy face and noise at him, he will smack his mouth in response.  Benjamin waves and claps, and right now Asher only waves.  Asher does a great deal of babbling, often with emotion and emphasis.  He says "dadadada," "mamama," "nananana," and often hisses out s's or things that sound like "ts."

They are both playing with their walker a lot, and racing in laps around our downstairs with it.  They stand independently, but in front of me have not taken any steps.  They love toys that rattle and shake, and spend lots of time fighting over them and then shaking them so hard they smack themselves or each other.  They have both figured out putting things in/taking things out, so they enjoy doing that over and over with their toys.

On Wednesday, they had their first sippy cups of cow's milk.  They seem to like it, but are just not that good at using their sippy cups.  Asher's appetite has returned, and he's been eating chicken, cheese, and macaroni and cheese like it's going out of style.

The breastfeeding is another post in and of itself... I have decided that at 12 months I am going to try to cut back, but not stop by any means.  All three of us seem to still enjoy it, and while I am not comfortable saying that I will breastfeed until they decide they are ready to wean, I just don't feel like right now is the time.  Eric and I have followed our instincts on a lot of other matters with our guys, and it seems to have worked out for us, so I think I will do the same with breastfeeding.

Right now we are all happy and healthy.  Each day they seem to learn a new skill, or do something different.  In general, they are sweet and easy-going, and I love our time together.  I have been working 3 days a week, and it's hard to leave them 3 days in a row, but I do then value the time we have together.

I'm planning their birthday (I can't believe it is so soon!) and practicing some recipes for the party.  So far, everything has turned out well!  I am not going all out with decorations or a theme, but I am cooking and baking all the food and cakes-- that's where my priorities are!

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