Friday, March 25, 2011

364 days old

The boys playing with their car at Memere and Pepere's in Maine
In about 15 hours, my boys will officially be 1 year old.  I can't believe it.  I wanted to take a belly picture today to compare to my belly picture 1 year ago today, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, but suffice it to say that my body looks completely different!  As much as I didn't want stretch marks, I now like the ones I have because it reminds me that I once carried two babies, and as that time of my life becomes more distant, the marks become more appreciated.

Of course my body isn't all that has changed around here.  One year ago tonight, Eric and I had leftovers for dinner, I watched Grey's Anatomy, and we went to bed in a quiet, clean house.  Tonight we had dinner with our little boys, watching them eat chicken and challah with big smiles on their faces.  We bathed them, lotioned them, and put them in their adorable pajamas.  I nursed them, and sang them their goodnight song, and kissed their soft heads as I put them down to sleep.  As much as I miss quiet time, I love these moments with my boys so much more.

We have had such a wonderful year.  We've learned so much, and made so many new friends.  Tomorrow we'll celebrate the boys' birthday with a party at my parents' house-- I've been cooking for a week!  I am surprised and excited by how many people are planning to attend; I am happy that my boys are so loved.

We are so truly lucky to have made it through this year without serious illness or injury, with two healthy boys bringing such joy to our lives.  I am overwhelmed with my love for my boys.  I cannot wait to celebrate them tomorrow!


  1. What a wonderful day. Happy birthday little boys!

  2. Happy Birthday to your boys - they are adorable!!!