Saturday, March 3, 2012

Benjamin stages a nap boycott

Isn't he too young to be done napping altogether?  I don't know how to get him to nap!  The past few days, Benjamin has decided that nap time is play time, and has been jumping out of the pack n play and running around the room rather than sleeping.  He is definitely tired, but not letting that stop him.  It's a little rough for me, because with Asher getting up early every morning I kind of count on nap time as a chance to rest and gather energy for the rest of the day.

Yesterday Benjamin fell asleep while watching a movie around 4 (that was my hope- he was pretty crabby!).  Here is his beautiful, peaceful face:

He was asleep holding a toy car in one hand and a toy bus in the other.  And he is currently asleep with them in his bed, too.

While Benjamin slept, Asher and I had some play time just the two of us.  We had a little photo shoot:
"I'll take that!"
Today we had a busy day, despite having nothing scheduled when we woke up in the morning.  We decided to do our make-up class at Gymboree, since it was raining and we weren't sure what other play options we would have today.  We did our grocery shopping for the week (our grocery bill seems to go up each week, help!) and then had lunch before Asher went down for his nap.

I left Benjamin snuggling with Daddy on the couch while I went out for a jog.  I signed up for a 10 mile race that takes place on May 6 and I need to get in shape!  I have only ever run 3-4 miles at a time, so that is only a fraction of the distance I'll need to run in 2 months.  Last week I did a run with the City Sports close to us, but this morning it rained so I skipped it and went on my own after the sun came out.  So far, so good- my long runs are planned to be on the weekends so that Eric can be with the boys, and shorter runs are during the week, and I can take the boys out with me.

After I jogged, Eric wanted his time alone and went to the driving range.  Of course Asher woke up a minute after he left, so the boys and I went to play at a nearby playground.  We took Meema with us, but she is still not feeling well, so she left as soon as Eric joined us.  The boys seemed to have a great time at the playground, but Benjamin wouldn't put his little car down, so his climbing was somewhat inhibited.

While at the play ground, Asher and I met a little sheltie dog.  Asher really loves animals, and will pet and hug any cat or dog he meets.  Not all animals return his feelings of love and affection, though.  Our cat Peanut hides all day in the basement until the boys go to bed.  Trouble is slightly more adventurous, but runs when the boys get too close.  Trouble has submitted to some hugs and pets, which makes Asher very happy.  Asher also has a nighttime routine that when we go upstairs for the boys to take their bath, Asher will go into our bedroom and hug and kiss Trouble goodnight.

We came home from the playground and I cooked dinner, and we ate as a family.  Asher is on a fresh fruit strike, so both boys get raisins (Benjamin calls them "azzizzizz") and prunes after dinner for dessert.  They love them, so I limit them, but let me tell you, the boys are pretty regular these days! I also love dried fruit, and once ate so many dried apricots that I threw up, so I am not looking to pass that experience on to my children.

Even though Asher was the one who napped today, he was also the one to ask to go to bed.  Then Benjamin fell apart, and was quite happy to crawl into bed holding his yellow school bus in one hand and his red volkswagen beetle in the other.  Now both boys are asleep, and I am enjoying my chocolate ice cream and mommy television.  It is amazing how exhausting one day can be!

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