Monday, March 19, 2012

First day of summer... no, wait, last day of winter?

Today our beautiful weather continued!  We started with a trip to the zoo, where the guys were in great moods and extremely cooperative.  They listened to me well, and I let them both out of the stroller at the same time and had no problems.  We saw the big cats, some primates, and went for a ride on the carousel.  Here are the guys on the carousel:
Benjamin pointing at the jaguar Asher was riding and saying "woof, woof!"

Before the ride started, Asher wasn't so sure if he liked it

Once it started, he loved it!
 Then we went off to the petting zoo.  The boys were equally interested in the animals- ducks, chickens, and rabbits- as they were in the tractor.  I almost lost Asher over the wall into the duck pond!  Another mom was ready to catch him as he launched himself up onto the wall.
Playing politely on the tractor- they took turns
 Asher really loves animals.  He hugs every cat or dog that will let him, and was quite affectionate with the smelly goats and sheep at the zoo.  He isn't scared of them, unless the dogs bark very loudly or get aggressive with him.  Benjamin spent his time in the petting zoo figuring out how the gate opened and closed.
Asher grooming the sheep
 The boys staged a simultaneous nap boycott in the afternoon, so we went out to Uncle Ed and Aunt Jane's.  They invited us for dinner, and the boys had a great time getting pushed on the tire swing.  I loved that swing when I was little.  It is amazing how big and strong the boys are.

 We had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and ate outside.  Here is Uncle Ed speeding up the coals with a leaf blower!  I told Eric one might think that's an argument for gas grills...
 At the end of dinner, the boys tried on Daddy's hat.  Benjamin looked super cute:
 And Asher is super cool:
The only sad part was that Benjamin had a little more diarrhea after dinner.  He was very upset about it, but fortunately I had packed extra pants and shirts in case of accidents.  We hosed off in Jane and Ed's shower and he made a full recovery.  Just more laundry for me!

We got home from Jane and Ed's to find that neither one of us had remembered to close and lock the front door.  It was wide open!  The screen was closed, but it was an open invitation to a burglar.  I was really nervous, and we walked in and I looked around, thinking, "Our house has been ransacked! What a mess!" and I slowly realized that everything was exactly where we'd left it...  No burglars, all our valuables still here, just like the mess we'd left hadn't cleaned itself up.

This weather is amazing, I keep forgetting it's only March.  I am thoroughly enjoying the weather.  Of course my mom, who is not known for optimism, pointed out that we will probably have a horrifically hot summer, so I better enjoy it now.

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